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By the end of 2006, the operation mileage of railways in China had reached 77,083.8km, ranking the first in Asia.

In 2006, the passenger and cargo transport volume, transport revenue and main indicators in transportation of the railway in the whole country all set new historical high following large magnitude growth in three successive years. The passenger turnover, cargo transport volume, converted turnover and transport density all rank the first in the world, handling about one-fourth of the total converted turnover of world railways with 6% of the operation mileage of the world railways.

The railway system completed capital construction investment of 154.25 billion yuan during the whole year, up 75.2% than the previous year. This included 130.092 billion yuan from the Ministry of Railway, at 98.1% of the annual plan, up 75.0% than the previous year. The capital construction investment amount exceeded 150 billion yuan for the first time, 66.232 billion yuan more than that of 2005 (88.018 billion yuan), the previous highest in history.

There are 119 large-and-medium sized railway projects under construction by the state or in joint venture, with fulfilled investment of 150.72 billion yuan (34.285 billion yuan for double-track lines and expansion projects, 9.219 billion yuan for electrification, 11.099 billion yuan for junctures and passenger terminals, and 96.118 billion yuan for new railway lines), up 80.6% than the previous year. This included investment of 128.154 billion yuan completed by the Ministry of Railway, being 87.7% of the annual plan, up 79.4% than the previous year. Tracks were laid for 868.8km as new lines and 1,145.3km as double-track lines, and railways were put into operation for 1,490.9km as new lines and 816.4km as double-track lines. 3,921.2km of electrified railways were put into service, including 3,807.7km for electrification renovation on existing railways, being 1.5 times that of the "Tenth Five-year Plan" period.

Investment of local railways was fulfilled at 1.592 billion yuan, down 5.3% than the previous year. This included 70.5km as newly laid tracks and 156.7km as new lines put into operation.

(China National Tourism Administration)

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