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Chinese delicacies showcase the cuisine associated with the cultures and traditions of China and, compared with the food of other places around the world, have many unique characteristics.

Variety of flavors

From the vast land of the People’s Republic of China, a variety of culinary traditions or schools have emerged since ancient times as a result of the influences of different climate, products and customs in different places. These may be divided into eight regional cuisines: Chuan, Hui, Yue, Su, Zhe, Xiang, Hu and Lu dishes.

Changing with the season

Changing diet with the changing seasons is a major characteristic of Chinese cuisine, following the age old principle of mixing dishes according to different seasonal conditions. In winter, the dishes are primarily thick and stewed and braised and boiled dishes predominate, while in summer the dishes are cool and light and so cold dishes are more popular. Further, different vegetables grow in different seasons, providing variety in the main ingredients for cooking.

Emphasizing the aesthetic appeal of the dish.

Chinese cuisine emphasizes the coordination of color, aroma, flavor, shape and presentation of the dishes, and the aesthetic appeal of the dish is enhanced in every way possible. With their brilliance and artistic awareness, the chefs create a variety of delicacies, achieving the unity of color, aroma, flavor and shape and offering people an “existential experience” as well as an enjoyable taste sensation.

Combination of food and medicine

The cooking techniques in China have a close relationship with health care. Emphasis has always been put on “food and medicine are from the same origin” and “food and medicine have the same function”. With its medicinal value considered, appropriate foods are cooked into all kinds of delicacies, which can prevent and cure illness while at same time tasting delicious.

Taking delight in cooking

We have been taking delight in cooking since ancient times, and have not only imposed strict requirements on the color, aroma, flavor, shape, serving, quality and nutrition of the dishes but also have also developed intricacies in terms of the names of dishes, dinner etiquette, timing and dish selection, dining rhythm and entertainment interspersed with dining. All of this is novel, interesting and colorful to visitors.


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