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Doing Business in Henan
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I . Survey

(i) Geographic Location and Major Cities

Henan Province, lying in Middle Eastern China and along with middle lower reaches of Yellow River, has a total area of 167,000 square kilometers. The landforms of Henan Province is that the surface of western land is higher than that of eastern land; the area of plain, mountainous region and hills accounts for 56%, 26%, and 18% of the total area of Henan Province respectively. Henan Province, lying in an area between north latitude 31°23′to 36°22′and east longitude 110°21′to 116°39′, connects Anhui Province and Shandong Province to the east, Hebei Province and Shanxi Province to the north, Shaanxi province to the west, Hubei Province to the south; thus connecting the eastern area with the western area and southern area with northern area. In ancient time, Henan Province is the only way a postman must take to deliver a mail, and an inevitable watercourse by which to transport grains to the capital; it is also a place crowded with merchants and businessmen. Today, as Henan Province links the central and western area together with the opening coastal area, its regional advantage is extraordinary as economic development in China is progressing from eastern area to western area step by step. There are 18 cities that is under direct jurisdiction of Henan Province, namely, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Pingdingshan, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Puyang, Xuchang, Luohe, Sanmenxia, Nayang, Shangqiu, Xinyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian, and Jiyuan. Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province.

(ii) Climate

The climate of Henan Province is continental monsoon climate that extends from subtropical zone in the northern area to temperate zone in the southern area, and also extends from plain climate in eastern area to hilly climate in western area. The four seasons are clearly distinct and the periods of rain and heat are overlapping, thus making the climate in Henan Province complicated and various. The average temperature in Henan Province is 15.7℃ to 9.5℃ from southern area to northern area, while the annual average rainfall 1,380 to 533 mm, the amount of rain between June to August accounts for 45% to 67% of the overall rainfall in a year, the annual average sunshine hour is between 1,140 to 2,526 hours, and the annual frost-free period is between 189 to 240 days.

(iii)Population and Nationalities

Henan Province boasts the largest population in China. By the end of 2005, the gross population of Henan Province is 97,680,000, with 30.65% urban residents and 69.35% rural residents. There are many nationalities in Henan Province. Beside Han nationality, there are 55 minorities, including Hui nationality, Meng nationality, Zang nationality, etc, with the population of 1,280,000 that accounts for 1.3% of the gross population of Henan Province.

(iv) Infrastructure and Transportation

The infrastructure of Henan Province has become more and more completed. It has played a more and more significant role in economic development. The electricity installation capacity ranks 5th in the county. The transportation system of highway, railway, and aviation has already come into existence. Henan Province, which is to the east of Shanghai, south of Wuhan, north of Beijing and Tianjin, and west of Xi’an, is situated in the central area of China. Its convenient and superior transport condition plays an important role in its economic development as Henan Province links up east, west, south, and north area together.


The highway network in Henan Province extends in all directions, and the Lianhuo Expressway meets Jingzhu Expressway in Zhengzhou. By the end of 2005, the total mileage of highway in Henan Province had already reached 79,500 km, among which 2,678 km is expressway. The Yellow River highway bridges in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng and Sanmenxia link up the transportation between the southern and northern area of Yellow River. The highway passenger transportation network that links capital city Zhengzhou with other cities, cities with counties, and counties with villages has already come into existence. There are also 4 international container transportation courses passing through Zhengzhou. In 2005, provincial road transportation run successfully, among which, passenger transportation reached 1 billion person-times, circular passenger flow volume 50.1 billion person-kms, goods transportation 0.7 billion tons and circular freight flow volume 51 billion ton-kms.


Henan Province is an important railway hub in China. A complicated railway network, including 10 railways like Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Long-Hai Railway, Jiao-Zhi Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Tai-Jiao Railway, and Hou-Yue Railway, is formed here that leads to all directions. The two mainlines of Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Long-Hai Railway meets in capital city Zhengzhou, which is one of the biggest railway hub in China, as well as the biggest passenger and goods transfer railway station on the eastern end of the inter-continental railway between Lianyungang and Netherlands. Zhengzhou Northern Railway Station is the biggest marshalling station of goods train. Every day, around 500 trains arrive and leave the station. The transfer and operation capacity of the station has already ranked world-class level. Goods exported through railway system can be checked and examined in Zhengzhou, as well as formalities of customs clearance and exchange settlement. Zhengzhou Eastern Railway Station, the biggest part-load transfer station in China, opens 5 international container transportation courses which link Zhengzhou with ports in Shanghai, Kowloon, Lianyungang, Tianjin, and Qingdao. Zhengzhou Railway Station is also one of the biggest passenger transfer station in China. By the end of 2005, the total state-owned railway mileage in Henan Province reached 2,093.2 km, with an extended railway mileage 3,897.8 km. In 2005, the passenger transportation capacity of railway system was 51,072,000 person-times and circular passenger flow volume 46,221.6 million person-kilometers; the goods carrying capacity of railway system was 99,370,000 tons and circular freight flow volume 147,560.9 million ton-kilometers. The mileage of local railway in Henan Province is 1,212 km, which amounts to one fourth of the total mileage of local railway in China.


There are 3 airports in Henan Province, including Zhengzhou Airport, Luoyang Airport, and Nanyang Airport. Almost 70 flight courses and more than 800 flights each week link up 50 medium and big cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Macao, etc. There are direct flight to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taipei via Macao. Zhengzhou International Airport, a 4E class airport, is a Class-one airport in China that has scheduled and non-scheduled passenger and cargo charter flight courses to Moscow, Hong Kong, Macao, Bangkok, Munich, Frankfurt, and Los angles. In 2005, 2,968,200 passengers traveled by plane and 45,000 tons of cargo were transported by airplane.


The capital city Zhengzhou has already become a regional financial center, where all banks in China have established branches. Most of the financial institutions here provide international settlement service, international financing service and foreign banking services, including foreign exchange deposit service, foreign currency conversion service, issuing L/C, collection for importation, remittance, foreign exchange sale and purchase business, buying and selling foreign exchange for clients, bank loans under the credit insurance, business invoice financing, package loans, account settlement in other countries for clients, shipping guarantee and endorsement of bill of lading, guarantee service for bank loan, issuing of foreign exchange credit card.

Major Banks in Henan Province


At present, Henan Province, owns 2,760 insurance institutions of various classes, is one of the provinces where most of the insurance institutions carry out their business. These insurance companies and their branches, in accordance with their own characteristics and market position, offer a series of featured services, including motor vehicle insurance, insurance on hull, business property insurance, household property insurance, cargo transportation insurance, liability insurance, construction insurance, agricultural insurance, comprehensive insurance, life insurance, accidental injury insurance, health insurance.

Major Insurance Companies in Henan Province


The telecommunication network in Henan Province is a key telecommunication hub in China. There are three east-to-west main lines and three south-to-north main lines passing through Henan Province, which belong to the national main telecommunication network of“eight vertical and eight horizontal”, together with two main aerial fiber cable which pass through Henan Province, a basic telecommunication network of“four vertical and four horizontal” has been established. By the end of 2005, the total length of fiber cable for public interests had reached 212,000 km, which ranks 6th in China; the length of long-distance fiber cable was 33,100 km, which ranks 8th in China; the number of fixed telephone users was 18,635,000 household, which ranks 5th in China; the number of mobile phone users was 18,150,000, which ranks 7th in China.

(v) Foreign Exchanges

Provinces and Cities of Friendship

By the end of 2005, Henan Province has established friend relationship with 59 cities of 29 countries, including the US, French, Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany and Singapore, etc.

Well-known Exhibition——China Henan International Conference on Trade & Investment

The conference is jointly sponsored by the People’s Government of Henan Province and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and undertook by Bureau of Commerce of Henan Province. The conference is a large-scale international economic and trade-related activity, which is held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center in April biennially. The theme of the conference is communication, cooperation and development, and its main topic is investment invitation, commodity & trade, and summit forum. The conference has built a bridge for exchange and cooperation between enterprises from home and abroad by the combination of investment, trade, discussion, exhibition, investigation, and forum. The 4th China Henan International Conference on Trade & Investment, held in 2006, attracted enterprises, business associations, government institutions, and envoys coming from more than 60 countries and regions, with 4,168 businessmen attending the conference.

(vi) Higher Education and Scientific Research

Higher Education

With the continual expansion higher education, Henan Province now boasts 11 First-class Subjects of Doctor and 106 doctor spots. In 2005, there are 28 universities and colleges that are qualified to offer a bachelor’s degree, 61 postdoctoral stations, and 1,450,000 students in universities and colleges in Henan Province. Among that, Zhengzhou University and Henan University, etc are some of the key comprehensive universities in China.

Scientific Research

There are more than 1,300 scientific research and R&D institutions of various categories in Henan Province. In the year 2005, there are 8,981 patents applied to be ratified and 3,748 of them got ratified; more than 350 scientific research achierements got province-level award and 12 got state-level award. More than 35% of the achierements got popularized and amounted to 43% of the economic development in Henan Province.

(vii) Tourism

History and Culture

Henan is one of the birthplaces of Chinese people. Since Xia Dynasty to Northern Song Dynasty, more than 20 imperial families established their capitals in Henan Province or moved their capitals here. Henan Province, having long been a politic, economic and cultural center of China in history, boasts four of the eight famous China ancient capitals, namely, Luoyang, an ancient capital for nine dynasties; Kaifeng, an ancient capital for seven dynasties; Anyang, an ancient capital for Yinshang Dynasty; Zhengzhou, an ancient capital for Shang Dynasty. Three inventions of the Four Great Inventions in ancient China, namely compass, gunpowder, and papermaking technology were all invented in Henan Province. Henan Province is regarded as a history museum of China for its long history and possessions of valuable cultural relics and historical sites. The amount of its underground cultural relics ranks first in China and the amount of overground cultural relics ranks second in China. More than a million pieces of cultural relics are treasured in the museum, which accounts for one eighth of the total amount in China, and ranks the third place in China.

Scenic Spots

Henan Province is rich in tourism resources with its deep culture deposits and beautiful scenic spots. In 2005, the number of tourists visited Henan Province exceeds 0.1 billion person-times, among which 0.61 million are foreign tourists. The most representative scenic spots are: Longmen Grotto in Luoyang and Yinxu in An’yang, Songshan Shaolin Temple, Yuntai Mountain and Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden.

Agricultural Specialties in Henan Province

There are many famous specialties produced in Henan Province, such as Yuanyang rice, Xinzheng Chinese Date, Kaifeng watermelon, Qixian and Zhongmou Garlic, Xinyang palecoloured tips and chestnut, Xixia Chinese gooseberry, Lingbao apple, Jiaozuo yam and Luoyang peony. Among these specialties, peony in Luoyang is well known both at home and abroad. Henan--Economy

II. Economy

(i) GDP Data

Henan,a big economic province in China, produced a total GDP of 1,053.52 billion yuan in 2005, which makes Henan Province the 5th province whose overall volume exceeds a trillion yuan. The structure of the three industries is 17.5:52.6:29.9.

(ii) Resources, Agriculture, Industry

Natural Resources

Water: The Yellow River, Huai River, Hai River, Han River flow through the land of Henan Province with a gross water volume of 43 billion cubic meters. The total water resources in Henan Province equals to 4.84 million KW of electricity, among which 3.23 million KW is exploitable. The actual exploitable amount of groundwater is 12 billion cubic meters; underground water is 13 billion cubic meters passing water is 18 billion cubic meters. 2,344 reservoirs have been built with a total storing capacity of 39.6 billion cubic meters.

Electricity Power

The power grid of Henan Province connects with the power grid of Hubei Province to the south, Hebei Province to the north, and Shanxi Province to the northwest. At present, the total length of power transmission line is 10,720 km with the total electricity transformation capacity of 33.29 million KVA. By the end of 2005, the total electricity installation capacity in Henan Province is 28.81 million KW.


Henan Province is rich in mineral resources. Up to now, 157 kinds of minerals have been discovered, among which, the reserves of 81 kinds have been proved up and 117 kinds already been exploited. Some of the mineral, reserves rank first in the country, including: molybdenum mine, cyanide, andalusite, natural alkali, clay, perlite and nepheline. The deposits of coal, natural gas, aluminum, gold, silver, marlite, fire-resistant clay, marble and asbestos are extremely abundant.


Henan Province is a big agricultural province in China; its crop yield is 45.82 million tons in 2005, accounting for 9.5% of the overall crop yield in China. For the past 6 years in a row, the crop yield in Henan Province ranks first in China. Henan Province is one of the main production bases of products like wheat, corn, cotton, oil plants and tobacco leaf. etc. in China. In the year 2005, the total yield of cotton is 0.677 million tons, which ranks 3rd place in China; the total yield of oil plant is 4.496 million tons, which ranks first place in China; the total value of livestock product is 125.1 billion yuan, which accounts for 40% of the total agricultural output value; the meat output accounts for to 10% of the national meat output; the yield of egg and poultry accounts for to 1/8 of the total output of China, among which the output of egg ranks 2nd place and the yield of poultry ranks 3rd place in the country; the output of fl our, fine dried noodles, instant noodles, frozen food and MSG all rank first place in China.

Major Agricultural Products Yield


The industry system in Henan Province can be divided into 39 categories with textile, food, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, electrics, petroleum, and chemical industry as the main part. In the year 2005, the total added value produced by all industries is 492.3 billion yuan, among which, 322.823 billion yuan is produced by medium and large enterprises (namely the enterprises whose annual output value exceed 5 million yuan), which ranks 6th place in the country, and the produce and sale rate of medium and large enterprises is 98.4%. The productivity of these enterprises keeps increasing. The output of raw coal, aluminum, gold, sheet glass, cement, tractor, yarn, chemical fiber, machine-made board and cardboard, cigarette, refrigerator, colored bulb, and frozen food come out top in the country. A batch of well-known products enjoy high reputation both at home and abroad, among which Ancai colored bulb, Shuanghui sausage and Xinfei refrigerator, CLFG float glass, Dongfanghong tractor, Xuji circuitry protector all enjoy a high popularity in domestic and foreign markets.

Fixed assets investment

Investment on Fixed Assets in All Areas and Investment on Infrastructure in Urban Area from 2000 to 2005

(iii) Business Data

International Trade

In the year 2005, the total export and import value in Henan Province is US$ 7.733 billion, among which the total export is US$5.101 billion and the total import is US$ 2.632 billion. Commodities manufactured in Henan Province are exported to 179 countries and regions; Henan Province also imports products from 95 countries and regions. In 2005, the structure of exported products is continually optimized. The private enterprises develop very fast with more than 1,000 enterprises involved in export business. The export value of these enterprises amounts to 30% of the total export value of Henan Province. Among the total export value, the percentage of primary product and manufactured product is 11.7% and 88.3% respectively; there are 12 kinds of mass goods whose export value exceeds 100 million yuan.

Utilization of Foreign Investment

The scale of foreign investment utilization is expanding continually. By the end of 2005, the actual accumulative value of foreign investment utilization is US$8.3 billion, and 35 of the top 500 enterprises in the world have invested in Henan Province. In 2005, there are 472 foreign-invested projects in the province with the contracted value totaling US$ 2.353 billion, and the actual utilization of foreign investment is US$1.23 billion.

The foreign investment is from 53 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, the US, Britain and Japan.

The direct foreign investment is mainly invested in 27 industries, including manufacture industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, exploitation, power supply, real estate and construction industry.

Cooperation with Overseas Partners

The economic cooperation with foreign partners has developed rapidly. By the end of 2005, the accumulated value of newly signed contracts of foreign contracted projects and labor services amounts to US$ 3,222.88 million, and the real turnover is US$ 2,187.46 million; a total of 105,765 people were sent abroad to provide labor services; 289 enterprises (non-finance category) were established overseas with the total investment of US$ 157.52 million, among which US$102.68 million is to be invested by the Chinese side in accordance with agreement, and the actual investment value is US$ 56.4 million.

The foreign contracted project business of Henan province covers 83 countries and regions of 5 continents. Most of them are located in Africa and Asia. In 2005, the actual business volume in Asia and Africa amounts to 80.8% and 81.4% of the newly signed contract value and real turnover respectively.

The enterprises that have contract relationship with foreign partners are growing quickly. Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploitation Bureau and China Henan International Cooperation Group have been listed in the US journal Engineering News Recording as the one of the top 225 enterprises of foreign contracted project in the world.

Since 2003, the overseas inestment of Henan province has been enjoying relatively rapid development. Private enterprises, collective enterprises and stock companies have played a leading role in the investment activity. The investment fields have been expanding day by day, switching from trade sector to manufacture sector. New investment fields keep emerging, such as resources exploitation, R&D, industrial and trading park, animal husbandry and agricultural exploitation.

Know-how Import

In 2005, Henan Province signed 19 know-how import contracts, with the contracted value of US$35.5394 million. Theses contracts are mainly signed with enterprises from countries such as Japan, Germany, Italy, the US, Britain, etc, involving a series of industries including manufacture, real estate, information, consultation service, biomedical sector, environment planning, and scientific research.

Service Industry

The service industry in Henan Province develops very fast, including tourism, warehousing, logistics, business, foreign trade, finance, insurance, etc. With large-scale chain enterprises taking the leading position and large-scale wholesale market as backbone, a multi-layered and moderately perfect marketing system has been in shape in Henan Province. The impact of large-scale enterprises, including Zhengzhou Cereal Wholesale Market, Shuanghui Chain Business, Zhengzhou Yinji Commerce City, have already expanded to most provinces and cities in China; Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is the first futures market dealing with agricultural products in China, and “Zhengzhou Grain Price” has served as a guiding price for grain and oil products in China for many years. The total retail sales of consumer goods is 335.843 billion yuan in Henan Province, which ranks 5th place in the country.

Chain Store Business

In 2005, there are more than 260 chain store enterprises with a total sale of 22 billion yuan, which amounts to 6% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. Food processing chain enterprises, with the brand of Shuanghui, Huitong, Jiutouya, Zhongpin, and Bangjie taking leading position in the market, have already developed into advantageous enterprises through deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, as well as with the help of a moderately perfect logistic and distribution system. Shuanghui, a food processing chain business in Luohe, owns 319 chain stores and franchise stores in the country in 2005, with a total sales of 1.1 billion yuan in the year of 2005.

Logistics and Distribution System

Henan Province is situated in the central area of China. Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan Province, is an important logistic center for commodity distribution. In the year of 2005, there are more than 2,400 logistic companies in Henan province. The combination of railway port, highway port, airport, export processing zone, tariff free zone for imported commodities, and the gathering of many logistic companies, such as Aucoma Logistic Center, all these convenient conditions have helped Zhengzhou to become a logistics center in Henan Province, even in the whole country.

Zhengzhou Grain Wholesale Market

Zhengzhou Grain Wholesale Market, with its total assets of 755.35 million yuan, is the first standardized grain wholesale market in China. By the end of 2005, the accumulative business volume of spot graim and oil transaction is 42.83 million tons, and the value of trade is 59.7 billion yuan, which won Zhengzhou Grain Wholesale Market the first place in all the grain wholesale markets in China.

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is a trading exchange starting with agricultural product at earliest time in China. The categories of trading commodities include wheat, corn, soybean, mung bean, sesame, cotton yarn, cotton, sugar, peanut, construction materials, and state bonds, etc. In the year 2005, ZCE concluded 56.95 million deals of business with the total transaction volume of 2,164.5 billion yuan. ZCX has a powerfully functioned and completed electronic service system, including the service of trading, account settlement, completion of business transaction, risk monitoring, information release, and membership service. Since June 1995, ZCX has joined in the International Futures Market Association, and signed friendly cooperation agreements with many international futures exchanges, including Chicago Futures Exchange, Chicago Business Exchange, New York Futures Exchange in the US, Kansai Agricultural Product Exchange, Tokyo Cereals Exchange in Japan, Winnipeg Commodity Exchange in Canada, and Brazil Commodity Exchange.

III. Investment

(i)Policy and Administrative Rules

Catalogue of Related Laws

Foreign Trade Law of the People’s Republic of China Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures Law of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures Law of the People’s Republic of China on Foreign-Capital Enterprises

Company Law of the People’s Republic of China Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China on Control of the Entry and Exit of Aliens Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Control of the Exit and Entry of Citizens Securities Law of the People’s Republic of China Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China for Enterprises with Foreign Investment and Foreign Enterprises

Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Administration of Tax Collection Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China Law of the People’s Republic of China on Evaluation of Environmental Effects Law of the People’s Republic of China on Promotion of Cleaner Production Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Desertification

Marine Environment Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Water Pollution Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Pollution Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Radioactive Pollution

Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China Trade Union Law of the People’s Republic of China

Searching Website for the Related Laws

1. Searching System of Laws and Regulations of China (website of National People’s Congress of China) http://law.npc.gov.cn:87/home/begin1.cbs

2. China Legislative Information Network System http://www.chinalaw.gov.cn/jsp/jalor/index.jsp

3. Ministry of Commerce http://www.mofcom.gov.cn The above-mentioned websites are for reference only.

(ii) Advantageous Foreign Invested Industries in Henan Province

1. Storage, keeping fresh and processing of grains, vegetables, fruit products of Poultry and livestock, and aquatic products; 2. Forestation and introduction of good breeds of trees; 3. Technology reform for cotton textile and printing and dyeing enterprises; 4. Construction and management of highway, independent bridges and tunnels; 5. Technology development and manufacture for coal processing machine; 6. Construction and management of thermal power station with individual generator’s capacity above 0.3 million KW; 7. Technology improvement for enterprises belonging to processing category; 8. Exploitation and processing of natural alkali mine; 9. Research, development and manufacture of new electronic components; 10. Manufacture of new digital product and support product; 11. Manufacture of automatic management equipment and electric meter; 12. Processing of high-grade fl oat glass; 13. Planting and processing of traditional medicinal crops. For details, please entry the Henan Investment Guide Network at http://www.fdi-hn.gov.cn.

(iii) Procedure for Establishing a Foreign Invested Enterprise

A convenient, high quality and efficient agent service shall be offered to foreign investors in Henan Province without any charge. Henan Foreign Investment Consultation Service Center is responsible for offering consultation service to foreign investors, whose projects are under authority of the Government of Henan Province, concerning laws and policies related with going through formalities, registration at departments concerned, contract concluding, examination and approving of enterprise constitution, business license, registration at foreign exchange administration department and tax affairs department, alteration of stock ownership, operation scope, merging and division of an established enterprise, registration at customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine service.

(iv) Reference Prices of Basic Elements

(v) Living Environment

The relevant formalities to go through for a foreigner working, traveling or living in Henan Province

1. Documents needed to be submit for visa application: (a) a valid passport and its copy; (b) reason for visa application; (c) fill the visa and residence permission application form and submit a 2-inch recent photo without hat.

2. Documents needed to be submit for residence permission: (a) submit a valid passport and its copy; (b) submit relevant evidentiary materials; (c) fill visa and residence application form; (d) submit 2 2-inch recent photo without hat; (e) medical certificate; (f) employment permission certificate or expert certificate; (g) an overseas student shall submit evidentiary material issued by the school. 3. Documents needed to be submit for application of a driver’s license: (a) original passport and its translated copy, a foreign driver’s license, and a recent photo; (b) receive a driver’s application form at driver health checkup center in person, after health checkup, go to local police department and take an examination (c) after passing the examination, go to the certificate authority to receive a driver’s license by showing the applicant’s ID card, passport, residential certificate, a 1-inch recent photo, and the certificate invoice. For certificate registration, please contact: Zhengzhou Police Bureau Exit-entry Administration Office Address: Erqi Road, Zhengzhou Tel: 86-371-6222023-20350 E-mail: tanghaijun@371.net

Urban Living Environment

The residential condition in Henan Province is very good for people to live. By the end of 2005, the forestation rate in urban areas is 30.7%; the percentage of tree-planting area is 22.64%. At present, there are 76 forest parks, among which 26 parks are at national level; there are 40 ecological demonstration zones in the province, among which 26 are at national level; the percentage of days in which the air quality is good is 82.6%; the qualification rate of water fetched in water head sites is 98.0%. The sewage water treatment capacity increased by 0.42 million m3/day in the year 2005; the domestic garbage treatment capacity is 740 ton/day; the length of newly-built road in urban areas is 262 km; the storing capacity of natural gas is 322,000 m3/day.

Medical treatment

By the end of 2005, there are 1,172 hospitals in Henan Province, with 221,400 sickbeds in total. The public health system, including disease control center, etc, is completed and perfect. Many medical treatment techniques are in leading position in the country, including the treatment of cardiovascular disease, ophthalmic disease, esophagus cancer, etc.

Henan--Development Zones Wednesday,March 28,2007 Posted: 14:51 BJT(0651 GMT) MOFCOM

IV . Development Zones

(i) National-level Development Zones

(ii) Provincial-level Development Zones

(iii)Relevant Departments

Main foreign affairs departments of Henan

(iv) Relevant Websites

Government Websites

Business Invitation Websites



















Well-known Hotels and Restaurants

There are 425 star-level hotels and restaurants accommodating foreign tourists, including 5 five-star hotels, 35 four-star hotels and 169 three-star hotels.

Well-known Hotels and Restaurants








(Ministry of Commerce)

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