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Choosing a Chinese name
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I need help choosing a Chinese name. I know it is hard to make a suggestion if you don't know me, but maybe you could tell me about feminine names that you like. I'm interested in meaning, and I don't care if the name sounds similar to my original name, or not. I'd like a name that refers to silence, peace, reflection or something similar.





In China, parents usually choose a name for their son or daughter from Xinhua Dictionary and will spend weeks, even months, to pick the right one. A good name means everything.


You want a name with the combined meanings of silence, peace, and reflection, so two characters are better. I've chosen some names and hope you like them. The surname is 莫 (mo), which sounds similar to your original name (Monica).


莫问兰 (mo wen lan) - 问 (wen) means ask questions and infers that you are the kind of girl who likes thinking. 兰 (lan) is orchid, which in China has associations with silence and peace.


莫忆柳 (mo yi liu) - 忆 (yi) means being nostalgic. 柳 (liu) is a willow tree, which is associated with quiet.


莫语琴 (mo yu qin) - 语 (yu) means talk with someone about something good. 琴 (qin) is a wonderful musical instrument to play relaxing music.




I like the name 文婷 (wen ting), which means delicate, wise and good at writing poems. Girls are often given the name.




Get Chinese friends and let them choose one. The most important issue is not to make your name sound too eerie.




What about 静怡 (jing yi), which means peaceful, sweet and special?




How about 宁静 (ning jing), which means silent and peaceful and is also the name of a Chinese movie star?


Beautiful D


孟林裳 (meng lin shang). It sounds close to your English name and describes a beautiful scene in the woods.




I suggest that you go to a temple and ask the monk to give you a name.




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(chinadaily.com.cn January 4, 2008)


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