What's New

- Top leaders attend Lantern Festival party
- 'Lantern Festival should be formal holiday'
- Chinese, British singers sing the 'Same Song'
- Peking opera based on Hamlet performed in Paris
- London hosts Women in China photography exhibition
- Chinese, British women entrepreneurs meet at cultural festival
- Temple fairs in China during Spring Festival
- Retail sales rise 16% during holiday
- Millions on the move at post-festival travel peak
- 235 mln people travel by bus during Spring Festival
- Yangzhou Opera performed to celebrate Spring Festival
- Beijing Spring Festival shopping spree hit 1.91b yuan in 4 days
- Eat, drink and make merry
- Many different faces to Chinese New Year celebrations
- Equestrian theatre Zingaro debuts in HK
- Olympic theme appears in Chinese New Year
- Folk customs on ancient fair
- President Hu spends holiday in disaster-hit area
- Mauritian president joins in Spring Festival celebration
- Empire State Building lit up for Lunar New Year
- Beijingers spend US$95m on Lunar New Year's eve
- Migrant workers find New Year warmth away from home
- Power shortages darken Shanghai's holiday lamps
- Students staying in Beijing get stipends, part-time jobs
- China to seek cultural heritage status for Spring Festival
- Cross-Straits sea routes remain open for New Year
- Zhang Ziyi accused of lip-synching
- China marks changing Spring Festival
- Tibetans celebrate Tibetan New Year
- Chinese peacekeepers in Sudan awarded medals

Printed ethnic things
Jo ma Arts
Silk Street Market
Beijing fakes market gets own brand
Hutong shop
A hutong shop

Berry Garden
All in one
15 bar
Fill the void
Cheap drinks
For bargain hunters

Touch of luxury
Raffles City
Dragon/lion dances
King Mouse lantern
Lantern Fair at Yu Garden
Nianhua Dumplings Lion Dance
Red Packets Walking on Stilts
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