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Malls & streets in Guangzhou
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Zhongshan Wu Rd.- Beijing Rd.

All-around and up-to-date city shopping center

It is a frenzied shopping matrix in the city center. Beijing Road is its very focus and stem.

Beijing Road is Guangzhou's neon-draped answer to Beijing's Wangfujing Street or Shanghai's Nanjing Street. Pedestrianized and open from around 10 AM until 10 PM, this is where youth to buy sensible, mid-range Hong Kong clothes and increasingly garish local brands. Noise and fun, here is lined with cheap food stalls, cafés, and ubiquitous fast-food chains like KFC and McDonald's.

It is home to over ten large and medium sized shopping centers, such as Xindaxin, Grandbuy, several theme bookstores respectively selling dictionaries, education, culturally old, music, fine arts and children's books, Changjiang Musical Instruments Store, Sanduoxuan and Jiya-zhai Studios featuring Chinese traditional stationeries, paintings and calligraphies, Yanfang Photo Studio etc..

In the northern part stands the Hong Kong Mall, where Hongkongese storekeepers bring about original HK and foreign-brand clothes, accessories and cosmetics.

Crossing at the north of Beijing Rd. stretches Zhongshan-Wu Rd.. It is a lively copy of Beijing Road except that it is not pedestrianized. The Xindaxin Department Store (at the crossroads corner) and Mayflower Plaza (closely west to Xindaxin) are two highlights. The Mayflower Plaza, a newly-built mall, is prosperous with vogue merchandise and features fashion brands and a rush underground precinct connecting to the subway station, Gongyuanqian.

Xihu street and Huifudong street are another two crossing shopping places to Beijing Road. There are Mingsheng Mall in Xihu and stores of youngsters' items in Huifudong to extend your buying passion.

Eastwardly parallel to Beijing Road runs Wende street, which is packed with shops of (copies of) paintings, photos, frameworks and relevant things for home decoration.


Grandbuy (Guangzhou Merchandise) Department Store

Xindaxin Department Store


Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Streets

It is one of the three major traditional shopping streets of Guangzhou, starting from Shangjiu St. westwards through Xiajiu St. to Dishifu St.. Compared with other two, Beijing St. and Nonglinxia Rd., Shangxiajiu is mainly for medium-and-minus consumption groups, with relatively low pricing. About 250 shops, mainly of garments, shoes and food, and malls are lined in this downtown span of some 800 meters.

You can find bunches of historically local famous names of commerce, such as Heling's Shoes & Hats, Guangzhou Department Store for Women and Children, Xingping Tailoring and Hualin Jade and Jewellery Market here. And a sea of renowned restaurants and food stores will cater your gourmet appetite, including Guangzhou Restaurant, Taotao Ju, Lianxiang Lou, Qingping Restaurant, Wenchang-chicken, Huangshanghuang Sausage, Nanxin Dessert, Yins Canteen, Quxiang Cakes... Most of these shops and restaurants are in the Qilous, local traditional and elegant buildings, rendering taste of history and culture in your shopping.

Some modern malls are built to add to the commercial prosperity. Liwan Plaza, at the eastern end of Xiajiu St., is the must for your shopping enjoyment. Stores of fashion, shoes, underwear, jades, crystal, AV items, snacks and so forth are packaged in this 7-storey building. Other malls like Dongji (for youngsters), Minghui, Cyber and Qiancai scatter around west to Liwan Plaza.


Guangzhou Department Store for Women and Children

Xingping Tailoring

Tianhe Rd.

Here Grandview and Teem are the top largest shopping malls in the city and Grandview even the No.1 in South East Asia. They are only about 300 meters away from each other along Tianhe Rd. in the north and Tianhe Nan 1 St. in the south. A Galaxy of stylish apparels, shoes, jewelleries, watches, food, furniture, home items, mobile phones and so on attract tens of thousands people to walk in through the MTR station just underground and developed bus and road system around everyday.

You can spend a day there, fascinated and experiencing with the brands like Levi's, Swatch, Shiseido, Swarovski, Le Saunda, Haagen Dazs, Starbuck and stores like Watson’s, Manning and Jusco in these sharply decorated malls.

Between Teem and Grandview is Hongcheng Plaza, a similar modern mall with relatively lower pricing for your additional choice.

Out of the grand arcades you can walk at ease into the Tianhe Nan Yi Rd. in the south and further into the roadside Liuyun Circle. You will be greeted and obsessed by the little shops of original wears and home items, chocolates workshops, cafes and bars in the tree-shaded communities, full of life and taste. The bargainable price here is as attractive as the goods.

North to the Teem Plaza stands the seven-floor Guangzhou Book Center, the biggest place for wide range of books., including some bargain-priced art books in English.


Teem Plaza

Grandview Mall

Hongcheng Plaza

Guangzhou Book Center

Taojin Bei - Huanshi Dong Intersection

"Golden Triangle" of top-notched profile and quality.

(Friendship Department Store- Nanfang International Shopping Mall- La Perle Plaza)

La Perle Plaza

The three closely-located arcades lie in the Huanshi-dong CBD, which is packed with top office buildings, hi-end hotels and communities where many foreigners and rich or powerful Chinese live. They boast premium luxury merchandise for dear price, mostly genuine foreign costumes, leather wares and cosmetics like Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Louis Vuitton and so on.


Friendship Department Store

Nanfang International Shopping Mall

La Perle Plaza

Nearby Stores:

Dong Shan Plaza (Xindaxin)

Garden Hotel Shopping Arcade

Zhongshan San Rd.

China Plaza

The shopping circle is located in Zhongshan-4 Road, east to Beijing Street.

China Plaza is well-received for the fashionable garments and accessories, home items and furniture the stores and outlets inside feature. Many of them are original and up-to-date while some are local designers' signature works.

JUSCO, a Japanese department store, gives you a wide range of quality goods for your needs at the second and third floors.

Its basement leads to the underground Update Mall, which is the biggest and highest-profile subway mall in China. It expands to the Lingyuanxi station and is crammed with vogue brands of wear,Salon and cosmetics.

Mobile phone is another shopping focus of the circle. Lingyuan-xi Street, northwardly opposite to the China Plaza, is the biggest market of this kind in Guangzhou. You can find almost all sorts and brands of mobile phones and accessories that are available in China at the specialty franchises and stores lined along the west side of the street. The 4th Floor of China Plaza is another cellulars world to match Lingyuan-xi.

West to the main entrance of China Plaza you have the "Mouse Street" (Laoshu Jie). It is also known as "women's street" (Nu Ren Jie), where Guangzhou's modern ladies hit the rails with cost-effective price. Hundreds of tiny stores sell locally produced, Japanese-brand clothes, shoes, and accessories. It's cheaper than Beijing Road, but more crowded. Bargaining is essential.

Open hours is 10:00 am -6:00 pm.

Nonglinxia Rd. & Shuqian St.

Nonglinxia Rd. is less crowded and opener and easier to walk than Shangxiajiu and Beijing streets. Many designers' outlets of garments and shoes stand more for bourgeois taste. Guangzhou Wangfujing Department Store, located at its north end, is of most interest. It was established by the Beijing Wangfujing in 1996. More goods from North China are available here than other department stores in Guangzhou.

All the way down across Zhongshan-Er Rd. into Shuqian St. you will have the Dongshan Department Store, a reputed old shopping place, along with some modern fashion stores.


Wangfujing Department Store

Dongshan Department Store 

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