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The Fight Against Covid-19


At the beginning of the year 2020, a sudden novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) broke out – the worst pandemic to afflict humanity in a century. It is a major public health emergency that has spread faster and wider than any other since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949, and has proven to be the most difficult to contain.

Facing this sudden onslaught, the CPC and the Chinese government put people's lives and interests first and immediately established unified leadership over the nationwide endeavors. Following the general principles of "remaining confident, coming together in solidarity, adopting a science-based approach, and taking targeted measures," China waged an all-out people's war on the virus. The whole of society was mobilized to join the national prevention and control effort with transparent information.

Under the CPC's strong leadership, the Chinese people united as one and succeeded in turning the situation around. In little more than a month, the rising spread of the virus was contained; in around two months, the daily increase in domestic coronavirus cases had fallen to single digits; and in approximately three months, a decisive victory had been secured in the battle to defend Hubei Province and its capital city of Wuhan. Several local outbreaks of the epidemic were then suppressed, representing a major strategic success in the response to Covid-19 and fully protecting the health and safety of the people.

In response to the evolving dynamics, the CPC and the Chinese government have made timely adjustments to their approach and coordinated the Covid-19 response with economic and social development, promoted the resumption of normal work and life in a region-specific and tier-based manner, and advanced poverty elimination efforts. China became the first major economy to achieve growth since the outbreak, and led other countries in epidemic control and economic recovery. This fully demonstrates China's powerful capacity for restorative action and its strong vitality.

Throughout this ferocious campaign, China has fought shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world. In an open, transparent and responsible manner, China has performed its international obligations by giving timely notification of the onset of a novel coronavirus to the WHO and to other countries and regions affected, releasing the genome sequence of the novel coronavirus, and updating the world on its protocols for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of the disease. It has shared without reserve with others its experience in containing the virus and treating the infected, and has done all it can to provide humanitarian aid in support of the international community's endeavors to stem the pandemic.

In an effort to contribute to the global battle, China has advocated building a global community of health for all, and made a series of proposals concerning international aid and vaccine usage.

In the battle against the deadly epidemic, the Chinese people have demonstrated how they cherish life and respect science, and shown that they have the courage to risk their own lives and unite as one. Their strategic victory once again proves the strengths of Chinese socialism and the CPC's leadership, the strengths of the Chinese nation, the fine virtues and traditions of the Chinese people, and China's sense of itself as a responsible major country.

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