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The New Concept for Development


Development is the key to solving all China's problems. It is a top priority for present-day China.

Based on previous experience gained, lessons learned at home and abroad, an analysis of the trends in global development, and targeting problems arising in China since 2012, Xi Jinping has created a new concept of pursuing innovative, coordinated, green and open development, with its achievements shared by all.

The report to the 19th CPC National Congress listed the new concept for development as China's basic policy for the new era.

This new concept for development consists of five elements which are inter-connected and mutually reinforcing:

Innovation is the driving force for development. Innovation-driven development is given priority in China's overall development, and in all the work of the Party and the state.

Coordination involves sustainable and healthy development. Coordinated development aims to avoid any problems of regional imbalance, and ensure common development.

Green is the guarantee for sustainable development and reflects the people's desire for a better life. Green development brings harmony between humanity and nature, balances economic and social development with eco-environmental protection, and creates favorable working and living conditions for the people.

Openness is essential to the prosperity of the country and reinforces China's commitment to international cooperation. It ensures close links between domestic and international development. China will develop a more open economy and promote reform through further opening up.

Having the development fruits shared by all is the basic principle of socialism. Shared development eliminates unfairness and injustice. This means gains in all fields will gradually reach everyone who has made contribution and ultimately bring common prosperity.

The new concept for development is a people-centered philosophy. It points out the nature of and approach to future development – high-quality, efficient, fair and sustainable development. It represents the CPC's latest understanding of the factors influencing China's economic and social development.

As an important set of guidelines for the country's development now and in the future, the new concept for development was written into the Chinese Constitution at the First Session of the 13th NPC in March 2018.

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