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Protection Against Pollution


Eco-environmental conservation is vital to sustaining China's development. The Chinese people have a tradition of respecting and cherishing nature, and the Chinese civilization has nurtured their deep understanding about eco-environmental conservation.

During over four decades of reform and opening up, China has made substantial progress in controlling pollution and protecting the environment. But decades of rapid growth have resulted in increasing pressure on resources and the environment, and addressing pollution has become an urgent task. Since 2012, China has waged a war on pollution and made strenuous efforts to prevent and control air, water and soil pollution, which has led to steady improvement in the eco-environment. 

At a workshop for officials at the provincial/ministerial level in July 2017, Xi Jinping affirmed the importance of addressing areas of weakness, especially risk prevention and resolution, implementation of targeted poverty elimination measures, and protection against pollution.

The report to the 19th CPC National Congress called for a participatory approach to pollution control that tackles pollution at its source and encourages ongoing efforts to prevent and control air pollution and make China's skies blue again. Other measures are also indispensable, including prevention and control of water pollution, integrated management of river basins and offshore areas, soil pollution control and contaminated soil restoration, agricultural non-point pollution prevention and control, improvement of the rural living environment, and treatment of solid waste and garbage.

Stricter pollutant discharge standards will be enforced, and polluters will be held accountable. Other measures include credibility assessment for environmental protection, mandatory disclosure of environmental information, and punishments for violating environmental laws and regulations. Also essential is building an environmental governance system, led by the government, with the business sector assuming the main responsibility for reducing its environmental footprint, and with active participation of civil society stakeholders and the public. China will remain committed to global environmental governance, and its resolve to pursue emissions reduction is unwavering.

Addressing a meeting to set the tone on environmental protection in May 2018, Xi Jinping urged the country to make greater efforts to advance eco-environmental conservation, resolve environmental problems, win the battle against pollution, and raise eco-environmental conservation to a higher level.

With the implementation of various policies and measures, the country has made notable progress with ecological protection and environmental improvement. As a firm advocate of an ecosystem based on respect for nature and green development and a clean and beautiful world, China has become an important participant, contributor and frontrunner in building a global eco-environmental conservation.

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