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China giant pandas arrive in Australia
Top legislature to conclude annual session
UK uni expels Chinese students over forged documents
Police arrest 6 suspects in tainted milk scandal
Central bank cuts rates, reserve requirement
Athletes feel at home at Paralympic Village
China removes tuition fees for compulsory schooling
18th FIT World Congress opens
Heat builds up as Wen takes a tour
145 killed in temple stampede in India
Olympic fireworks fill Beijing skies
Second rehearsal to be held Saturday night
Beijing starts 24-day night lighting for Olympics
Solar eclipse darkens west China
DM: China to pursue peaceful development
Peach Blossom Jellyfish found in Sichuan
Tropical storm Fung Wong wreaks havoc in Jiangxi
Olympic flower decorations at Tian'anmen Square
Terra cotta warriors come to Beijing for Olympics
Fung Wong weakens into tropical storm
Fung Wong gains strength as it heads to east coast
1st Olympic delegation arrives in Beijing
Police deny 'terrorist attacks' behind recent explosions
Reporter apologizes for Olympic ticket scuffle
China announces biggest-ever Olympic team
Ticket hunters face endurance test
Tianjin's old bridge resumes parting function
Hu pays a morale-boosting visit as Games near
Decoration of Tian'anmen Square goes on
China gears up security efforts ahead of Olympics

July 7-12 China Shenyang Int'l Auto Industry Expo
July 9-12 Qingdao China Int'l Consumer Electronics Show
July 15-18 Shanghai Int'l Machine Tool Fair
July 29-31 Shanghai Int'l Sporting Goods Expo

A princess re-born
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Puccini's birth, the newly-open China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA, also known as National Grand Theater) and Ricordi have commissioned Hao to write the first "Chinese edition" of Turandot which will premiere at the NCPA on March 21 through 26.
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