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Mig-26 helicopter swings excavator to barrier lake
China preparing to drain swelling quake lake
Armed police brigade arrive at major quake lake
Beichuan: quake survivors begin journey home
Quake-damaged railway reopens to traffic
Temporary housing built for quake victims
Lakes formed by quake threaten vast areas
Central gov't to slash spending for quake relief
Injured people transferred for further treatment
Rescuers reach all quake-hit villages
Exclusive: Sorrow and hope
Residents flee from home after aftershock forecast
China appreciates, welcomes world's quake aid
Nation mourns earthquake dead
China begins three-day mourning for quake victims
Miracle rescues save at least 63 buried people
Beichuan gov't buildings destroyed by quake
Thousands evacuating as lakes burst imminent
Hu encourages people to overcome difficulties
Sichuan quake deaths could top 50,000
President Hu arrives in quake-hit Sichuan
Premier: Sichuan quake 'most destructive' since 1949
Rescuers save over 60,000 from debris
Quake survivors in Hanwang
Premier orders deployment of 90 more helicopters
Quake death toll rises to 14,866
Help needed in disaster monitoring from space
Pray for kids trapped under rubble
Rescue work in quake-hit Sichuan
Earthquake death toll rises to 12,012

July 7-12 China Shenyang Int'l Auto Industry Expo
July 9-12 Qingdao China Int'l Consumer Electronics Show
July 15-18 Shanghai Int'l Machine Tool Fair
July 29-31 Shanghai Int'l Sporting Goods Expo

A princess re-born
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Puccini's birth, the newly-open China's National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA, also known as National Grand Theater) and Ricordi have commissioned Hao to write the first "Chinese edition" of Turandot which will premiere at the NCPA on March 21 through 26.
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