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· Long live the king
· Qigong you can believe in
· Pivotal moments in Chinese literature and publishing
· Late journalist Epstein's books donated to library
· China's Prison Break fans can publish novelization
· Chinese writer on the way to Astrid Lindgren Award
· KFC - 'a foreign brand with Chinese characteristics'
· Expanded library offers high-end experiences
· Robert Bernell's painted words
· Business Republic of China: Tales from the front line of China's new revolution
· Rise of online bookstores forces Bertelsmann to shut
· The Three Faces of Chinese Power: Might, Money and Minds
· Shaolin sells 'enlightenment' gear online
· Sci-tech books exhibition to contribute to world prosperity
· Harry Potter prequel sold for 25,000 pounds
· The Big Three in Asia
· Not an Exclusive Tribe
· Streetwise Guide Beijing: Handy and Compact
· Press watchdog recommends books to inspire kids
· Redstocking
· FLP publishes commemorative quake album
· Zhou Xun takes 'Time Out'
· Book Review: I Am Liu Yuejin
· Chinese version of Russian President's book launched
· Time unveils list of 100 most influential
· Famed writer Bo Yang dies
· Book on Tibet liberation history published
· Xu Jinglei races for webzine anniversary
· Republished old books illuminate China
· China's e-books booming
· Graphic novel series of Chinese classic draws attention in ROK
· These Wonderful People of Xingjiang
· Pianist Lang Lang to debut autobiography
· China releases list of ancient books for protection
· Sci-Fi legend Arthur C. Clarke dies
· Wolf roars back in English
· Faithful to the original
· China publishes handbook for national defense students
· Countryside libraries capture public imagination
· Castro autobiography published in Chinese
· Source Code China book review
· Riverside Talks
· A diplomat's accounts, a nation's history
· China releases report on book publishing industry
· China's National Library cuts service fees
· Silk books: The Analects of Confucius
· China's cultural encyclopedia to cover 20,000 ancient works
· The year's best books: A selection from US press
· Celebrities celebrate fashion mag release
· Israeli female writers' masterpieces published in China
· Jews in Old China: Studies by Chinese Scholars
· Chinese author nominated for Japanese literary awards
· Still writing Texas author Shrake 'just never stops'
· Norville harvests 'power' of gratitude
· Shaolin Temple abbot publishes Kung-fu magazines
· China to launch 'book-reading campaign'
· Anne Frank's story on display in National Library
· A dictionary especially designed for foreign learners of Chinese
· Japanese editon of Nanjing massacre book in Tokyo
· Literary agents fingered for pulp fiction