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Playing field
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Track events

The length of a standard running track shall be 400m. It shall consist of two parallel straights and two bends whose radii shall be equal. Unless it is a grass track, the inside of the track shall be bordered by a kerb of suitable material, approximately 5cm in height and minimum 5cm in width.

If a section of the kerb has to be temporarily removed for field events, its place shall be marked with a white line 5cm in width and by cones or flags, minimum height 20cm, placed on the white line so that the edge of the base of the cone or flag pole coincides with the edge of the white line closest to the track, and placed at intervals not exceeding 4m. This shall also apply to the section of the steeplechase track where athletes divert from the main track to negotiate the water jump.

For a grass track without a kerb, the inner edge shall be marked with lines 5cm in width. It shall also be flagged at intervals of 4m. Flags shall be so placed on the line as to prevent any athlete running on the line, and they shall be placed at an angle of 60° with the ground away from the track.

Flags approximately 25cmx20cm in size mounted on a staff of 45cm long are the most suitable for this purpose.

The measurement shall be taken 30cm outward from the kerb or, where no kerb exists, 20cm from the line marking the inside of the track.

The distance of the race shall be measured from the edge of the start line farther from the finish to the edge of the finish line nearer to the start.

In all races up to and including 400m, each athlete shall have a separate lane, with a width of 1.22m ± 0.01m marked by white lines 5cm in width. All lanes shall be the same width. The inner lane shall be measured as stated in paragraph 2 above, but the remaining lanes shall be measured 20cm from the outer edges of the lines.

Field events


The minimum length of the runway shall be 15m except in competitions held under Rule 1(a), (b) and (c), where the minimum shall be 20m.

Where conditions permit, the minimum length should be 25m. The maximum overall inclination of the runway and take-off area shall not exceed 1:250 along any radius of the semicircular area centred midway between the uprights and having the minimum radius specified in Rule 182.3. The landing area shall be placed so the athlete's approach is up the inclination.

The take-off area shall be level or any inclination shall be in accordance with the requirements of Rule 182.4 and the IAAF Track and Field Facilities Manual.

The landing area should measure not less than 5m long x 3m wide. It is recommended that the landing area be not smaller than 6m long x 4m wide x 0.7m high.


The minimum length of the runway shall be 40m, measured from the relevant take-off line to the end of the runway. It shall have a width of 1.22m ± 0.01m and shall be marked by white lines 5cm in width.

The landing area shall have a minimum width of 2.75m and a maximum width of 3m. It shall, if possible, be so placed that the middle of the runway, if extended, would coincide with the middle of the landing area.


The rim of the circles shall be made of band iron, steel or other suitable material, the top of which shall be flush with the ground outside. The ground may be a concrete, synthetic, asphalt, wood or any other suitable material surrounding to the circle.

The interior of the circle may be constructed of concrete, asphalt or some other firm but not slippery material. The surface of this interior shall be level and 1.4 - 2.6cm lower than the upper edge of the rim of the circle.

In the Shot Put, a portable circle meeting these specifications is permissible.

The inside diameter of the circle shall be 2.135m (±5mm) in the Shot Put and the Hammer Throw and 2.50m (±5mm) in the Discus Throw.


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