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Competitions under IAAF Rules are restricted to eligible athletes. No athlete shall be allowed to compete outside his own country unless his eligibility is guaranteed by his Member Federation from whom he has permission to compete. In all International Competitions, such guarantee of eligibility of an athlete shall be accepted unless an objection as to his status is made to the Technical Delegate(s).

Simultaneous Entries

If an athlete is entered in both a track and field event, or in more than one field event taking place simultaneously, the appropriate Referee may, for one round at a time, or for each trial in the High Jump and Pole Vault, allow an athlete to take his trial in an order different from that decided upon by the draw prior to the start of the competition. However, if an athlete subsequently is not present for any trial, it shall be deemed that he is passing once the period allowed for the trial has elapsed. In the case of the High Jump and Pole Vault, if an athlete is not present when all other athletes who are present have completed the competition, the Referee shall deem that such athlete(s) has abandoned the competition, once the period for one further trial has elapsed.


For track and field events in competitions under Rule 1(a) to (c) inclusive, all measurements shall be made with a calibrated certified steel tape or bar or with a scientific measuring device. The steel tape, bar or scientific measuring device shall have been certified by the IAAF and the accuracy of the measuring equipment used in the competition shall have been verified by an appropriate organisation accredited by the national measurement authority, such that all measurements can be traced back to national and international measurement standards.

At competitions other than those held under Rule 1(a) to (c) fibreglass tapes may also be used.

Track Events

Any competing athlete who jostles or obstructs another athlete, so as to impede his progress, shall be liable to disqualification from that event. The Referee shall have the authority to order the race to be re-held excluding any disqualified athlete or, in the case of a heat, to permit any athlete(s) seriously affected by jostling or obstruction (other than any disqualified athlete), to compete in a subsequent round of the event. Normally such an athlete should have completed the event with bona fide effort.

Field Events

A qualifying round shall be held in field events in which the number of athletes is too large to allow the competition to be conducted satisfactorily in a single round (final). When a qualifying round is held, all athletes shall compete in, and qualify through, that round.

Performances accomplished in a qualifying round shall not be considered as part of the competition proper.

Vertical Jumps

An athlete may commence jumping/vaulting at any height previously announced by the Chief Judge and may jump/vault at his own discretion at any subsequent height. Three consecutive failures, regardless of the height at which any of such failures occur, disqualify from further jumping/vaulting except in the case of a tie for first place.

Any measurement of a new height shall be made before athletes attempt such height. In all cases of records, the Judges shall check the measurement when the bar is placed at the record height and they shall re-check the measurement before each subsequent recordattempt if the bar has been touched since last measured.

Pole Vault

Athletes may have the crossbar moved only in the direction of the landing area so that the edge of the crossbar nearest the athlete can be positioned at any point from that directly above the back end of the box to a point 80cm in the direction of the landing area.

An athlete shall, before the competition starts, inform the appropriate official of the position of the crossbar he requires for his first attempt and this position shall be recorded.

If subsequently an athlete wants to make any changes, he should immediately inform the appropriate official before the crossbar has been set in accordance with his initial wishes. Failure to do this shall lead to the start of his time limit.


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