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Taekwondo competition of the Olympic Games shall be conducted in individual competition system between contestants.

Duration of Contest

The duration of the contest shall be three rounds of two minutes each, with a one-minute rest period between rounds. In case of a tie score after the completion of the 3rd round, a 4th round of two minutes will be conducted as the sudden death overtime round, after a one-minute rest period following the 3rd round.


1. Weigh-in of the contestants on the day of competition shall be completed on the previous day of the pertinent competition.

2. During weigh-in, the male contestant shall wear underpants and the female contestant shall wear underpants and brassiere. However, weigh-in may be conducted in the nude in the case that the contestant wishes to do so.

3. Weigh-in shall be made once, however, one more weigh-in is granted within the time limit for official weigh-in to the contestant who did not qualify the first time.

4. So as not to be disqualified during official weigh-in a scale, the same as the official one, shall be provided at the contestants' place of accommodation or at the arena for pre-weigh-in.

Permitted Techniques and Areas

1. Permitted Techniques

1) Fist techniques: Delivering techniques by using the front parts of the forefinger and middle finger of the tightly clenched fist.

2) Foot techniques: Delivering techniques by using the parts of the foot below the ankle bone.

2. Permitted Areas

1) Trunk: Attack by fist and foot techniques on the areas covered by the trunk protector are permitted. However, such attacks shall not be made on the part of the back not covered by the trunk protector.

2) Face: This area is the face excluding the back of the head, and attack by foot techniques only is permitted.

Valid Points

1. Legal Scoring Areas

1) Mid-section of the trunk: The part covered by the trunk protector

2) Face: The whole part of the face including both ears

2. Points shall be awarded when permitted techniques are delivered accurately and powerfully to the legal scoring areas of the body.

3. The valid points are divided as follows.

1) One (1) point for attack on trunk protector

2) Two (2) points for attack on face.

3) One (1) additional point shall be awarded in the event that the contestant is knocked down and the referee counts.

4. Match score shall be the sum of points of the three rounds.

5. Invalidation of points: When a contestant performs an attack to score through the use of the prohibited acts, the points scored shall be annulled.


1. When any part of the body other than the sole of the foot touches the floor due to the force of the opponent's delivered technique.

2. When a contestant is staggered showing no intention or ability to pursue the match.

3. When the referee judges that the contest cannot continue as the result of any power technique having been delivered.


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