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Cycling Discipline

Anyone who behaves in an incorrect or dishonest fashion with regard to any other, or who fails to keep a promise or to meet contractual or other obligations in the domain of cycling shall be penalised by a suspension of up to three months and/or a fine of between FS 100 and FS 10 000.

Anyone subject to UCI Regulations shall be suspended for a minimum of one and a maximum of six months, who:

1. behaves in a violent manner or uses defamatory or abusive language to or about a commissaire, a UCI body or its members or, in general, anyone performing a function provided for in the UCI Constitution or Regulations, or

2. behaves in such a way as to blemish the image, the reputation or the interests of cycling or the UCI, or

3. without valid reason, fails to respond when convened or summoned by a UCI authority or disciplinary body.

Race incidents shall be all offences as are designated as such in the Regulations as well as any behaviour at variance with the Regulations occurring during the race and not specifically penalised.

With the exception of warnings and blame, a penalty for an infringement of the UCI Regulations may be handed down only under the terms of a provision of the UCI Constitution or Regulations in effect at the time the infringement is committed and in accordance with that provision.

The disqualification of a rider shall incur invalidation of results and his being eliminated from all classifications and losing all prizes, points and medals in the race in question.

Disqualification may take the form of a rider being forbidden to take the start if the infringement is observed before the start of the race or that of his elimination from the race if discovered during the course of the race.

A warning can be handed down by a commissaire or UCI authority to anyone guilty of a minor act of negligence or fault, if attenuating circumstances so justify.

A blame may be delivered by UCI authorities to anyone failing to meet the obligations imposed by sporting ethics, morals or loyalty to cycling.

The fines cited in UCI Regulations are in Swiss francs. In the case of payment in any other currency, the sum transmitted shall be such as to permit the recipient to obtain the amount in Swiss francs net of all expenses at the current rate on the 1st of January of the present year.

Road Races

The number of riders participating in a road race shall be limited to 200. The number of titular riders per team shall be set at 4 minimum and 10 maximum. The organiser shall indicate in the programme or technical guide and on the entry form the maximum number for his race. That number shall be the same for all teams. No account shall be taken of any riders entered in excess of that number.

For juniors men and juniors women, the maximum gear ratio authorised is that which gives a distance covered per pedal revolution of 7.93 metres.

During races for juniors men and/or juniors women, the use of radio links or other means of remote communication with the riders is not permitted.

Track Races

riders shall bear two number panels, save in the following specialities where they shall bear justone: the Km Time Trial, the 500 m Time Trial, the Individual Pursuit, the Team Pursuit and the Team Sprint.

The rider on the inside of the track, unless overtaken, shall lead until reaching the pursuit line on the opposite side of the track. A maximum of two standstills shall be permitted for each race. The maximum period for a standstill shall be 30 seconds following which, the leading rider shall be directed by the starter to continue. If he fails to do so, the starter shall stop the race and declare the other rider the winner of the heat. In a three or four-up race, the race shall be immediately rerun as a two or three-up race, without the relegated rider.

Mountain Bike Races

In mountain biking, women aged from 19 to 22 are grouped in an "Under 23" category.

A rider must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.


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