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Zou Shiming awards China first Olympic boxing gold
Zou Shiming, the best hope in China for its first Olympic boxing gold, eventually made the dream come true on home turf, winning the men's light fly 48kg crown at the Beijing Olympic Games on Sunday.
Zhang Xiaoping China's flying dark horse becomes lord of ring
Zhang Xiaoping knew he was called a dark horse at the Beijing Olympic Games. With a flying horse tattoo on his left arm, the Chinese light heavyweight boxer said he aimed high before the Olympic final, and he did it by winning the gold.
Ugandan sole boxer unyielding to poverty, aims gold
For Ronald Serugo, the sole boxer of Uganda to fight in the Beijing Olympics, life is always hard, yet he always finds ways to fight through.
Newfel Ouatah: I'm No. 1 no matter what ranking
"For the people who make the world rankings, I may be the last one, but for me, I'm the No. 1," said Algerian super heavyweight boxer Newfel Ouatah at Ditan Stadium on Thursday.
'Kungfu boxer' Zou Shiming fights with fists for gold 'Kungfu boxer' Zou Shiming fights with fists for gold
If asked, nobody in China wouldn't know either Liu Xiang or Yao Ming. Well, in China's boxing society, Zou Shiming, a 27-year-old Guizhou guy, is also a household name.
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