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You and the Olympics

Paddling over: a foreigner's first ping-pong match
I'm an American and this is my first time to see a ping-pong match.
Elderly volunteer full of passion Elderly volunteer full of passion
Grey-haired Chang Zhifu stands out from the young volunteers working as guides in Xidan Culture Square, one of the capital city's booming business districts.
Chinese speaking chief smoothes path for Team USA
Charles Carter says being able to speak Chinese has helped him to bridge the Sino-US cultural gap.
Bicycle built of Olympic Rings Bicycle built of Olympic Rings
An Zhonglin, a Tianjin native, rode a bicycle built of five Olympic rings from Tianjin to Beijing yesterday (August 17). The trip took him eight hours, leaving at 1:00 am and arriving at 9:00 am.
An unforgettable night in Beijing
After working the overnight shift at the International Broadcast Center, all I wanted to do was snuggle in my bed and fall asleep.
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