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'Weightlifting beauty' saves most beautiful moment for Olympics
Few girls want to put on weight, neither does Cao Lei, who is renowned for her beauty consciousness in China's national weightlifting team.
Liu stamps her class in Olympic weightlifting
Chinese Liu Chunhong stamped her name in the Olympic history as she shattered her own three world records five times at the Olympic weightlifting competition in Beijing on Wednesday.
Olympic weightlifting champion Liao Hui: fewer worries, more gains Olympic weightlifting champion Liao Hui: fewer worries, more gains
Talking about competing side-by-side with Shi Zhiyong in men's 69kg category at the Beijing Games, Liao Hui said he had no advantage over his teammate, and just worried less than Shi did.
Weightlifter Pak wins DPRK first gold at Beijing Olympics
DPR Korean lifter Pak Hyon Suk scored a narrow win in the women's 63kg class in Beijing on Tuesday, bringing the first gold to her country at the Beijing Olympics.
Olympic weightlifting champion Zhang Xiangxiang
Following is the factbox on Olympic weightlifting champion in men's 62kg category.
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