A letter to Rebiya

By Nishang Yuyi
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Dear 'peace-lover' Madam Rebiya,

How are you!

I have heard that you were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 and received by the then US President Bush. As your compatriot, I should be proud of you and happy for you. But I am not. Because the separatists led by you held a World Uyghur Congress recently and masterminded and instigated the riot in Xinjiang via Internet to answer your call of "being braver" and "doing something big." And on July 5, a Sunday which should be quiet and peaceful, you directed a bloody play with your soft and beautiful hands. Please look at the blood and fire on streets in Xinjiang through the veil of peace and freedom and listen to the cry and wail of your compatriots in your shouts for democracy and human rights!

Madam Rebiya, we all know that this year is the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is a year worth celebrating. Fifty years ago, Xinjiang had no railways or up-to-the-mark factories or mines. The local economy was a natural one based on agriculture and livestock. Famines were frequent in some areas, and the people were impoverished. After the establishment of the autonomous region, Xinjiang's history turned to a new page. Its economy and social undertakings have developed rapidly since 1949. People enjoy a happy and sweet life with great progress on agriculture, industry, water conservancy, transportation, communication, trade and tourism. It's the life that has been expected for generations. I do not understand why you are upset and angry about this. Why have you ordered your followers to loot shops, smash buses, beat pedestrians and burn vehicles insanely? Have you ever felt pain and remorse while seeing those appalling photos of fallen women with bloody faces or burnt buses with fire scars?

As for you, you were elected the vice chairwoman of Xinjiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice president of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Xinjiang and a member of the 8th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China's top political advisory body. You were once the richest woman in Xinjiang and the 8th richest Chinese on Forbes' global list. Your wealth and glorious titles are given by the society for your diligence and wisdom. But we do not understand why such an excellent person like you would cooperate with separatists from abroad and participate in various splitting activities. You would rather be a running dog of the U.S. than an independent Chinese. You would rather bear the spit from your compatriots and people who love peace and happiness all over the world than give up your ridiculous dream of realizing "national independence" and "peace and freedom." We cannot figure out what's wrong with your mind that makes you doing such conscienceless, heartless, inhumane and shameless things.

Wake up, Rebiya! Look at what you have done: the death toll has risen to 140 with 57 bodies found on street corners; more than 800 people were injured; 260 vehicles were destroyed including 190 buses and 50 civilian vehicles; 203 shops and 14 residences were damaged; two buildings were burned down and 220 places were set on fire in Urumqi. Is this what those of you who seek peace and freedom would like to see? Do you really want to reach the bank of peace and freedom by walking through the blood of your compatriots? If you want peace and freedom, I would say stop, for you are currently heading in the opposite direction. The crimes you have committed are unforgivable and doomed to fail.

History has proved that stability is the source of happiness while unrest is the source of disaster. Upholding and promoting the unity of all ethnic groups and maintaining social harmony and stability is the highest interest of all Chinese people. Stability is the first thing in Xinjiang. We should treasure the great achievements of national solidarity and prosperity to further promote Xinjiang's development and upgrade people's lives.

Wake up Rebiya! Do not do any more to hurt your compatriots. After all, you are Chinese. As long as you have a conscience and a mind, you should know that peace and freedom could not be realized by crime and violence, nor by taking innocent lives.

This blog was first published in Chinese on 8:53 a.m., July 7 and translated by Li Shen


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