Beijing in the eyes of foreigners

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<i>Flying kites 3</i> by Atif Qayyum(Pakistan)
<i>Beijing exhibition center</i> by Atif Qayyum (Pakistan)
<i>Brotherhood</i> by Han Baek Hui (South Korea)
<i>The funeral of their own</i> by Han Baek Hui (South Korea)
<i>Affection of different generations</i> by Mun Byeong Hun(South Korea)
<i>The steersman of life</i> by Mun Byeong Hun (South Korea)
<i>Soho</i> by Daher &apos;ReD&apos; Ognita (Philippines)
<i>The egg</i> by Daher &apos;ReD&apos; Ognita (Philippines)
<i>Come Together</i> by Charlotte Olivia Timmers (Belgium)
<i>Diavolo master in Temple of Heaven</i> by Lucian Muresan (Rumania)