Beijing in the eyes of foreigners

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<i>Sunset on temple of heaven</i> by Lucian Muresan (Rumania)
<i>Rooftops</i> by Gaurav Mukerjee (India)
<i>Nanluoguxiang at night 2</i> by Sewlan Lai (Malaysia)

<i>Monumental Solitude</i> by Margie Schuh (US)
<i>In between</i> by Alexis Mestre (France)

<i>Lunchtime High</i> by Morten Heede Hesel(Denmark)
<i>Synchronized Twirling</i> by Morten Heede Hesel (Denmark)
<i>Fanform temple of heaven Beijing</i> by Morten Heede Hesel (Denmark)
<i>The Summer Palace</i> by Kim Hyun joon (South Korea)
<i>The Modern</i> by Tah Cheng Low (Malaysia)