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Laoshan Mountain
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Laoshan Mountain (崂山) in southeastern Qingdao is the highest mountain along China's 18,000-kilometer coastline (excluding islands), with its peak rising 1,132 meters above sea level. It is recommended for tourists visiting Qingdao.


Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao is famous for its marvelous mountainous scenery. []

It is one of China's major scenic resorts and has long held the reputation for the most famous mountain on China's east coast with a coastline of 87 kilometers and 18 islands.

Adding to the beauty of the magnificent Laoshan Mountain is a large number of peculiarly shaped rocks and caves, as well as clear springs and waterfalls.

The springwater made Qingdao famous for its beer. Not only is the water good for making beer, vegetables grown using this water are reputedly much tastier, something local fruit and vegetable peddlers will all point out.

The mountain is well-known for its Taoist temples. []

For those interested in Taoism, the mountain is well-known for its Taoist temples. Laoshan Mountain is one of the places where Taoism originated and one of Taoism's most important destinations for pilgrims.

In the past, Taoist priests living on the mountain were accorded with special privileges. The mountain had the most development during the late-Song (960-1279) and early-Yuan (1279-1368) dynasties and was home to over 100 temples, each searching for "the way" in solitude. A long list of ancient reputed Taoists used to live there, including Zhang Sanfeng and Qiu Chuji.

Ancient travelers thought immortals lived on this scenic mountain and many legends grew out of that belief.

Buddhism on Laoshan Mountain first originated in the Wei Dynasty (386-535) and most development occurred during the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties. The mountain is said to have an overwhelming reputation among ancient monks, including the well-known monk Master Hanshan during the Ming Dynasty (1368-14644) who went there to practice. (Jane Lai, Lin Jing)

Tel: +86-532-8898866

Add: 29, Meiling Road, Laoshan District崂山区梅岭路29号


High season:

Liuqing, Yangkou and Jufeng Sightseeing spots: 70 yuan

Beijiushui Sightseeing spot: 50 yuan

Low season:

Liuqing, Yangkou and Jufeng Sightseeing spots: 50 yuan

Beijiushui Sightseeing spot: 30 yuan


Jufeng Cable: 60 yuan

Taiqing Cable: 50 yuan

Yangkou Cable: 40 yuan

How to get there:

Southern Line: Buses No.104, 113, 304

Eastern Line: Buses No.123, 312, 106

Middle Line: Buses No.107, 110, 311, 365



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