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Beach Castle Restaurant


It's in an European style building and therefore the environment is quite good.

Tel: +86-532-82889318

Add: No.23 Changzhou Road

Shanglinyuan Restaurant


It's newly decorated. The chairs and tables are special.

Tel: +86-532-85756188

Add: No.169 Minjiang Road

Laochuanfu Seafood Restaurant 


The seafood and barbecue are their best. The roasted fishes are very special.

Tel: +86-532-85019999

Add: No.111 Yanji Road

Haidaoyucun Restaurant

The food is awesome and it's relatively cheap.

Tel: +86-532-85735588

Add: No.40 Yunxiao Road

Yongli Restaurant

Seafood is their best.

Tel: +86-532-85829988

Add: No.112 Ningxia Road

Genoa Restaurant

It's a buffet restaurant. The food are of a great variaty including pizza, soup, fruits and drinks, etc.

Tel: +86-532-83809022

Add: No.76 Weihai Road

Western Family

Their pizza and fruit salad are very special.

Tel: +86-532-85757885

Add: 2nd Floor, Jusco

Spring Restaurant

The environment is very nice. Hand cream and comb are prepared for the clients in the lady's restroom.


Add: No.8 Minjiang Road

Yushenhu Japanese Restaurant

The customers could enjoy watching the cooks making the sushi on the scene.

Tel: +86-532-85925470

Add: No.11 Yanerdao Road

King Fook Kung Korean Restaurant

There are various kinds of roasts. You can grill it by yourself or ask the waitors to do that.

Tel: +86-532-83862449

Add: No.43 Hong Kong West Road

Qingdao food streets

1. Pichaiyuan Food Street

Pichaiyuan was well known in the 1930s and 1940s as a food street, and also as a venue for traditional folk culture. Chinese operas and other performances were common. In 2008, the street was reopened after being restored in 2007.

The rebuilt Pichaiyuan has old-style streets and buildings. Restaurants serve up specialties such as jellied bean curd, mackerel dumplings, barbecued seafood, fish with pickled vegetables, and fried rice cakes.

Apart from snacks, visitors can enjoy folk arts and performances, including opera, acrobatic shows, and handicrafts.

Address: Pichaiyuan, Zhongshan Road

How to get there: Buses No.2 and 5

2. Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road Food Street

Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road food street is located to the north of the popular coastal area.

It has many world-famous supermarkets, such as JUSCO and Carrefour, top-class hotels and hundreds of restaurants.

Here you can taste not only the local seafood-based Shandong Cuisine but also cooking styles from around China. There are also several Korean and Japanese restaurants.

Address: Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road

How to get there: Buses No.12, 208, 223, 224, 228, 318, 314

3. Qingdao International Beer Town

Qingdao International Beer Town is the largest international beer metropolis in Asia and is the primary location for Qingdao’s annual Beer Festival.

The annual festival consists of 16 days of beer tasting, evening entertainment and drinking competitions.

More than 100 beer brands from all over the world have participated in the event since it was launched 16 years ago.

Tel: +86-532-88890241

Address: No.198, Hong Kong East Road

Admission: 60 yuan (during the Beer Festival)

How to get there: Take bus No.201, 301, 304, 312, 313 to the Beer Town stop

4. Dengzhou Road Beer Street

Located beside the old Qingdao Brewery, Dengzhou Road is a bar street featuring European style architecture. Tourists can find the freshest beer in Qingdao here as well as all kinds of local snacks.

The street is over one kilometer long and has shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars.

China's first ever beer museum is also located on this street. Tourists can learn about the long history of Qingdao beer there.

Tips: 1. the best time to visit is from April to November;

2. Since the street is mainly for drinking beer we suggest tourists go there in the evening;

Address: Yan'an Er Road or Guangrao Road

How to get there: Buses No.1, 4, 11, 15, 30, 36, 219, 307, 2, 5, 222, 367, 218, 104, 232, 205, 301, 227, 320

5. Taishan Road Barbecue Street

Taishan road is one of the oldest and most famous barbecue streets in Qingdao gets very busy in the evening.

Many old and famous barbecue restaurants, such as Mei Da'er, Shunhua, Huazhong do a roaring trade in grilled pork, fish, chicken wings and vegetables.

Address: Taishan Road, Shibei District



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