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Yingzhou Bayu has a history of more than 50 years. 

Yingzhou Bayu (snack): As a snack, Yingzhou Bayu has a history of more than 50 years, and is cooked using the excellent mackerels (Bayu). After a period of improvement and innovation, a series of Yingzhou Bayu combos was formed, offeringmulti-flavoured delight to those who tried. Mackerel is useful in anemia, progeria, malnutrition, postpartum weakness, neurasthenia, etc. The best place to eat Yingzhou Bayu is Qingdao Hotel, which is located at No. 66 Middle Xianggang Road.

Steamed Hongdao Oyster: Steamed Hongdao Oyster is cooked with oysters from Hongdao Island above strong fire to keep its original taste and flavour. This snack is fresh, tender and nutritious and tastes good with ginger and vinegar. The best place to eat Steamed Hongdao Oyster is Xiaohonglou Dining Center, which is located at No. 62 Biaoshan Road in Shibei District of Qingdao.

Meige Agar-Agar Jelly: Meige Bean Jelly is cooked by boiling jelly and flavorings. It tastes fresh, acidic, spicy and salty but wholly palatable. The best place to eat Meige Agar-Agar Jelly is Xinya Food City, which is located at No. 28 Dagu Road of Qingdao.

Guxiangcun Noodles with Prawn: Choose the local prawn and noodles with gravyand savour the tasty soup and chewy noodles. The best place to eat this is Guxiangcun Noodle Shop, located at No. 78 Henan Road of Qingdao.

Meida'er Roast Squid is very famous. 

Meida'er Roast Squid: At Meidaer Barbecue Restaurant, you first choose the best squid. After the fishy smell has been removed, the squid will then be salted and roasted. The finished Squid is spicy and fresh. The best places to eat roast squid are Meidaer Barbecue Restaurant and Wangjie Barbecue Restaurant. These two roast restaurants have many branches in Qingdao, mostly along Zhongshan Road.

Other Delicacies: Apart from the above snacks, other tasty food such as Seafood Spinach Noodles, Changcheng Fried Seafood Buns, Fish in Casserole, Seafood Balls, Seafood and Dough Drop Soup, Cakes with Clams, etc. are also worth tasting.


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