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Beijiushui Scenic Area, September 27, 2010 Print  E-mail

Beijiushui Scenic Area (北九水), also called Nature's Gallery of the Nine Waters, is located in the upstream area of Baisha River amid the hills of Laoshan. Since the river running through the hills bends nine times, people have long called it Beijiushui (Nine Waters).

Beijiushui Scenic Area consists of Neijiushui, Waijiushui (also known as Beijiushui) and Nanjiushui. 

It consists of Neijiushui, Waijiushui (also known as Beijiushui) and Nanjiushui. Among them, Beijiushui is the most famous. At Beijiushui, the river current is swift; further on, it flows more slowly, emphasizing the water's elegance.

Eighteen ponds have been constructed along the water's path, such as Deyu (Catching Fish) Pond and Deyi (Delight) Pond. The names evoke poetic imagery, which unite the beauty of landscapes and Taoism's reverence for nature.

Besides, Chaoyin Waterfall is Beijiushui's most popular attraction. During the rainy season, the water crashes against the rocks on the mountainside making a powerful sound like waves crashing on the seashore.

The best season to visit is autumn. Travelers should check out the spot's remarkable peaks and breathtaking cliffs with blue skies and light clouds above offering real tranquility and comfort to help you forget the noisy cities.

Add: Beijiushui, Laoshan District 崂山区北九水

Admission fee: 50 yuan (high season); 30 yuan (low season);

Hours: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

How to get there: buses No.311 at the railway station and take No. 107 at Licun Village


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