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Taoist holy land an ideal summer resort
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Enchanting beauty

The scenery of Sanqing Mountain over the four seasons is varied and beautiful. The area is famous for its jagged rocks, strangely shaped pine trees, clouds and mist.

The region where Sanqing Mountain is located saw frequent and violent geological movements in ancient times, which explains why the mountains rise into the clouds.

The long periods of erosion and the effect of gravity collapse have also contributed to the wonderful views of towering cliffs and deep, secluded valleys.

Sanqing Mountain has 64 fantastic peaks and 382 grotesque rocks.

This peaceful mountain, acclaimed as "The Land of Peach Blossoms," is famous for its three peaks: Yujing Peak, Yuhua Peak and Yuxu Peak, which resemble the three gods worshipped in Taoism (Sanqing means “Three Pure Ones” in Chinese). The highest peak of the mountain range is the Yujing Peak standing at 1,816.9 meters above sea level. To the north of the Yujing Peak are Yuxu Peak with an altitude of 1,776 meters and the 1,752-meter-high Yuhua Peak.

On the way to the summit of Sanqing Mountain, "Nushen Feng" or "Goddess Peak" is a must-see. This goddess is more than 60 meters tall. Legend has it that she was the only daughter of an old man who made a living by gathering medicinal herbs. She let out a secret about the supreme deity of Taoism, so she had to be punished by being turned into a stone mountain. She certainly looks convincing, as if buried in her thoughts.

Visiting Sanqing Mountain after the rain brings on another kind of feeling. The whole mountain is shrouded in clouds and mist, which the wind blows into various strange shapes. The water of Sanqing Mountain is as clear as crystal. It is said that drinking the refreshing water has a rejuvenating effect.

Sanqing Mountain is also known for its ancient pine trees. The plants there belong to 157 families, 500 genera, and 1,088 species. The rhododendron flowers that sprout on the hills and slopes in late spring and early summer have been a magnet for tourists from both China and abroad.

Luxuriant vegetation, abundant food and a gentle sub-tropical climate make Sanqing Mountain a wonderful home for rare and strange animals.

The spectacle of the sea of clouds conjures up an image of a wonderland. Adding to its mystery are the occasional spectacular meteorological sights.

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