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Travel routes to legend, and charm
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Local tourism agencies in Hunan province have designed travel routes starting from the capital Changsha with different themes:

Changsha-Yiyang-Changde -Zhangjiajie:

A route centered on classical themes. Yiyang is famed for its country landscape and rural customs, Changde is known for the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) story Peach Blossom Land - or Tao Hua Yuan - that depicts a Shangri-la wonderland, while Zhangjiajie is internationally acclaimed for its natural beauty.


A route that highlights history and local culture. Yueyang is rich in historical sites including the Miluo River where ancient patriot Qu Yuan drowned himself, Zhangguying Village with its well-preserved ancient buildings and Yueyang Tower, subject of an essay by renowned Song Dynasty (960-1279) writer Fan Zhongyan.

Changsha-Shaoshan- Huaminglou-Niaoshi:

A route connected with New China's first generation of leaders. Shaoshan, Huaminglou and Niaoshi are the hometowns of leaders Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De.

Changshao-Hengshan Mountain-Chenzhou-Yongzhou:

A route combining regional culture and eco-tourism. Hengshan Mountain, one of the five most famous mountains in the country, is a Buddhist shrine. It and the two cities Chenzhou and Yongzhou have well-preserved ecologies.

Changsha-Zhangjiajie -Fenghuang-Huaihua:

A route showcasing various ethnic groups including the Miao, Tujia and Dong peoples.

Changsha-Loudi-Langshan Mountain-Nanshan Mountain:

A route featuring geological wonders.

Changsha-Emperor Yan Mausoleum-Emperor Shun Mausoleum:

A route highlighting mythology, including the legendary home of Emperor Yan - or Flame Emperor - considered to be one of the common ancestors of all Chinese people. Emperor Shun, who lived about 2,200 years ago, is believed to be one of the kindest and wisest leaders in ancient China, according to legend.


A route offering vistas of charming pastoral scenes.

(China Daily September 10, 2009)

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