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Tax reform, mobile communications and nuclear reactors are this week's top news stories. However, domestic automobiles, pole dancing and Shanghai Fashion Week managed to secure generous amounts of media coverage.
State funerals, the Nobel Prize and a cooling economy are this week's top news stories. However, recent maritime events between China, South Korea and Japan demand special attention.
Telecommunications, giant pandas and Chinese FDI have dominated the local press this week. However, China’s Golden Week, Tracy McGrady and Taiwan’s Reform Foundation have also received significant amounts coverage.
The People’s Liberation Army gets a new aircraft carrier, former Chongqing vice-mayor Wang Lijun receives a prison sentence and a Taiwan fishing fleet arrives at the Diaoyu Islands. Also in the press is Sino-Russian bilateral trade, soft power diplomacy in Africa and Beijing city traffic.
Rivalries between China and Japan continue to escalate, new details in Wang Lijun case, Myanmar drug kingpin stands trial, FDI slumps for third consecutive month and controversy on Harbin bridge are this week’s top news stories.
Diaoyu Islands, China’s social security program for foreigners and Summer Davos 2012 in Tianjin, are this week’s top news stories. China remains objective on the Iranian nuclear issue, disaster strikes Yunnan Province and China will take new steps to bolster exports.
This week’s news stories include U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, joint-exercises with the U.S. coast guard in Hawaii and China’s Defense Minister’s visit to India. Also in the news is APEC Summit, a decline in manufacturing and Wang Lijun, the disgraced former vice-mayor of Chongqing.
Summit meetings between heads of state, Japan dignitaries under duress and travel safety have been grabbing national headlines this week. Adding to the list once again is Beijing traffic and the city government’s plan to ease congestion.
This week international and domestic media have been fixated on the trail of Bogu Kailai. However, Miss China, Motorola and Beijing traffic have managed to secure generous amounts of column space. Also worth mentioning are recent graduates desire to work for state-owned companies as well as the United States role in the Diaoyu Islands Issue.
The London Olympics, China's most-wanted and online retailers have all received significant amount of coverage this week. Beijing and Pyongyang are moving toward joint economic development and China is demanding the release of Chinese nationals by Japan.
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