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Seek progress while keeping performance stable

China.org.cnUpdated: April 4, 2018

The 2018 work conference of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project set this year's working principles as "seek progress while keeping performance stable and improve quality and efficiency." To carry out our job well, keeping performance stable is the bottom line, and seeking progress is the target that we pursue. We must stick to those guiding principles and carefully manage the dialectic relationship between "stability" and "progress".

The South-to-North Water Diversion Project has seen great progresses in 2017. Stable performances have been further consolidated, good situations have basically taken shape, while substantial progresses have been made in innovative development, and we have continued to strengthen the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party. Those progresses have increased our confidence and laid a solid foundation for our future work.

We have learned via experience that "stability" is the bottom line of our work. Keeping our job stable is the core and it is the precondition of doing everything. Unstable factors still exist within our work today, and some of the issues are prominent. We must stay vigilant and be aware of those potential risks including project engineering, water quality safety and migrant stability. We must thoroughly detect and handle all safety hazards, continue to optimize our systems in administration, supervision and emergency response. Our target is to achieve stability in three aspects: The first is engineering safety and completing the annual volume of water transfer; the second is to ensure water safety and avoid major water pollution; and the third is to properly handle complaints from migrants and maintain their stability. In short, we must stick to the three bottom lines and ensure the safety of the project, water and migrants. We must make sure to eliminate all major systematic risks.

We shall steadily seek progress in our work. To solve problems such as the imbalance between economic development and environmental protection, unbalanced regional development, and inefficient use of water resources, we need to make new breakthroughs in increasing water supply, improving water quality, enhancing water-use efficiency, boosting follow-up projects and quickening the completion of existing projects. In terms of increasing water supply, we should achieve an annual increase of at least 10 percent in the first phrase projects of the eastern and central routes to reach the designed scale. We shall improve water quality in the eastern and central routes. We must take comprehensive actions to maximum efficiency in water use. We must conduct follow-up projects carefully and complete existing projects earnestly, with high project standards and strict engineering requirements.

We must handle well the dialectic relationship between "stability" and "progress." To stay stable does not mean that we stay conservative and take no actions. Instead, we should stay enthusiastic and energetic, and make progresses to consolidate our stability. On the other hand, with stability as the basis of our work, our progresses can be guaranteed towards the right direction. We need to strike a balance between "stability" and "progress", because that will enable us to continue to push forward the development of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.