Press conference on Olympic weather forecasting

A press conference on the Olympic weather forecasting and meteorological service is held at the 2008 Beijing International Media Center on August 6. Experts brief the press on the weather prospects for the Olympic Games, and on the Olympic meteorological service. presents live coverage of the press conference. Full Coverage  In Pictures  Back to Live Cast

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  • Press conference on Olympic weather forecasting


  • A press conference on the Olympic weather forecasting and meteorological service is held at the 2008 Beijing International Media Center on August 6. Experts brief the press on the weather prospects for the Olympic Games, and on the Olympic meteorological service. Taking part in the press conference will be: Mr. Yu Xinwen, director of the General Office of the China Meteorological Administration; Mr. Chen Zhenlin, deputy director of the Department of Forecasting Services and spokesman for the Olympic meteorological service; Ms. Wang Jianjie, deputy director of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, and Mr. Qiao Lin, senior forecaster at the National Meteorological Center. presents live coverage of the press conference.


  • Zhu Shouchen:

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to today's press conference. 2008 Olympic Games are open the day after tomorrow. And we know that people are interested in learning the weather on the opening ceremonies and throughout the whole Olympic Games. Today, we have authorities who can talk about weather during the Olympic Games and what China has been doing during the Olympic Games. I'll first introduce to you the people behind the podium. Mr. Yu Xinwen, Spokesperson and Director of the General Office, China Meteorological Administration (CMA); Mr. Chen Zhenlin, Spokesperson of the Olympic meteorological services and Deputy Director of the Department of Forecasting Services and Disaster Mitigation, CMA; Ms. Wang Jianjie, Spokesperson and Deputy Director General, Beijing Meteorological Bureau; Mr. Qiao Lin, Chief Forecaster, National Meteorological Center, CMA. Now I will first give the floor to Mr. Yu Xinwen.

    2008-08-06 15:56:31

  • Yu Xinwen :

    For 7 years, focusing on the concepts of "Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics", and the targets for providing high-quality and high-level meteorological services in support to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has increasingly improved its weather forecasting and climate prediction capabilities as well as service qualities by mobilizing the meteorological resources across the country, by highly relying on the scientific and technological advances, and by enhancing the meteorological observing capacity, in a great effort to make solid meteorological preparations for the incoming Olympic Games. Up to now, everything goes on well and all is ready.

    2008-08-06 15:57:14

  • Yu Xinwen :

    1. Meteorological services in support to the Beijing Olympic Games are all ready

    A 3-dimensional observing system is in place with powerful monitoring capabilities. With great efforts make in past years, the integrated meteorological observing system is capable to capture more detailed weather changes, which is composed of 4 in-orbit meteorological satellites, multiple Doppler radars, a full range of automatic weather stations (AWS) for making intensified observations, covering a wide range of the targeted areas with both high temporal and spatial resolutions. At present, the 4 Chinese meteorological satellites, i.e. FY-1D, FY-2C, FY-2D and the first FY-3 satellite that was launched earlier this year, will be used for providing meteorological services for the Beijing Olympic Games.

    2008-08-06 15:58:14

  • Yu Xinwen:
    A satellite image is received every 15 minutes from these satellites. There are 7 new-generation Doppler weather radars deployed and run on an operational basis both in and around Beijing, and there are 3 same radar sets operating in Qingdao and beyond, each generating radar data every 6 minutes. Plus 2 mobile weather radars, more comprehensive weather data can be made available. Each co-host city has installed a new-generation Doppler weather radar. The 186 AWSs in Beijing area and 167 AWSs in Qingdao area enable the AWS density to reach 5 km in downtown area and 10 km in their outskirts, with data being updated every 5 minutes in real time. Moreover, AWSs for making more intensified observations have been deployed at the venues according to the specific requirements.

    2008-08-06 15:59:14

  • Yu Xinwen:

    Refined weather forecasts are made to provide tailored meteorological services. During the Olympic Games, each day the Beijing Olympic Meteorological Service Center will produce 0-72 hour refined forecasts of all weather elements concerned at 3-hour intervals in a continuously updated manner for the sports venues. And every day, a number of 0-72 hour general weather forecasts are also issued for the individual sport sites every 3 hours in the same upgraded fashion. These longer lead-time forecasts go beyond the 0 to 48-hour weather services in the previous Olympic Games.

    In response to the demands of individual sport events, the meteorologists will also provide hourly weather forecasts for the next 24 hours, In other words, this is equivalent to the forecasting 28,800 elements per day, 40 times heavier than usual. As weather witnesses a significant change, such as a thunderstorm, tornado and hailstorm, which may disrupt sport events, 0 to 2-hour nowcasting will be produced and promptly updated.

    2008-08-06 16:01:04

  • Yu Xinwen:

    In addition, for the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Event, a refined wind forecast methodology has been developed with the four buoy stations deployed at the venue in order to make hourly wind speed and direction forecasts for the sailing event.

    A highly qualified team is created composing top professionals selected nationwide. When a wealth of weather monitoring data and sophisticated application models are available, what matters most is human. An efficient and effective command system plus senior forecasters' practical experiences in making integrated analysis and judgment are all valuable.

    The Olympic Meteorological Service Steering Group, set up by the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and led by the CMA Administrator himself, directs and coordinates the overall meteorological services in support to the Olympic Games at national level.

    2008-08-06 16:02:05

  • Yu Xinwen:

    As it is requested by the Operating Outline for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Host City, a series of plans on meteorological services and support have been prepared, including the Action Plan for Provision of Meteorological Services for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Implementation Plan of Meteorological Services for the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Implementation Plan for Olympic Torch Relay Meteorological Services, which clearly define the contents, modalities, operations, teams and emergency support for the Olympic Game-oriented meteorological service.

    The Beijing Olympics Meteorological Service Centre hosted by the Beijing Meteorological Bureau has been set up, with the participations of the National Meteorological Center, National Climate Center and other co-host cities and with full support by the National Meteorological Information Center and meteorological establishments at all levels.

    2008-08-06 16:02:36

  • Yu Xinwen:

    The Olympic meteorological service team has been established, including experts and professionals from meteorological establishments across the nation. Particularly, 36 highly skilled forecasters from meteorological bureaus nationwide constitute a front-line team that provides direct services to the sport events of the Beijing Olympic Games.

    The Beijing Olympic Meteorological Service Center has also invited 24 well-known experts from the Central Meteorological Office, National Climate Center, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Meteorological Bureau of the General Staff Headquarters and the Meteorological Bureau of the Air Force Headquarters, etc., providing in-situ or remote assistance to the Beijing Olympic Meteorological Service Center in the Olympic meteorological services.

    2008-08-06 16:03:09

  • Yu Xinwen:

    During the Olympic Games, they will assist timely provision of meteorological information and services for sport events at various venues respectively. In Qingdao, 10 experts from the National Meteorological Information Center, Shandong, Beijing, Shanghai and Anhui provincial (municipal) bureaus will work together with local meteorologists in Qingdao to provide meteorological services for the sailing races during the Olympic Games.

    Personalized demands will be satisfied via multiple service means. Apart from meteorological services for venues and sport events, active collaborations are also made with public security and transportation agencies, providing a variety of meteorological services for city operations, public travel and tourism, with a number of comprehensive security exercises being participated. Especially, the emergency meteorological services for breaking events have been enhanced.

    2008-08-06 16:03:42

  • Yu Xinwen:

    When a breaking, overwhelming or disastrous weather event occurs, prompt meteorological services will be provided to governmental decision-making authorities, who in return will arrange massive public events according to the solid meteorological information. Furthermore, Olympic game-oriented public weather services have also been enhanced.

    Through various media including television, radio, websites, electronic screens in public sites (more than 8,000 screens on buses), weather warning towers (8), automatic meteorological information inquiry platforms, short message service (SMS) (over 1.3 million users), community broadcasts, community screens (more than 50) and meteorological information service sites, forecasts and early warnings will be released to the public in order to provide accurate forecasts and services for watching the sport games, traveling and sightseeing.

    2008-08-06 16:04:06

  • Yu Xinwen:

    Moreover, weather forecasts in English is available in the following sources: the weather service hotlines (i.e. dialing 12121 or 96221), the dedicated line (68710008) for the Olympic meteorological services; CMA's website (, "Olympic Weather Information", the China weather website (, the Beijing Olympic Meteorological Service Website (,, which are more convenient for foreign friends and athletes to access to the latest weather forecasting information at any time.

    2008-08-06 16:04:39

  • Yu Xinwen:

    Practical exercises underwent tests and meteorological services are all ready. CMA has organized multiple exercises oriented to Olympic meteorological service since 2006. In combination with a series of sports events like "Good Luck Beijing (2007) and (2008)", "Qingdao 2006/2007 International Regatta", "Qingdao 2008 International Handicapped Regatta" and so on, all aimed at constantly testing the operational meteorological service system for the Olympic Games, training the Olympic meteorological service teams, tracking the possible problems and solving those deficiencies exposed in the exercises. In May this year, successful meteorological support was provided for the Olympic torch relay atop Mt. Qomolangma (known as Everest), which was fully recognized by the Chinese Olympic Committee and the General Administration of Sport of China.

    2008-08-06 16:05:16

  • Yu Xinwen:
    At present, all the preparatory work for the Olympic meteorological service is in place. Olympic meteorological service entered a service status for the Olympic Games from 20 July, and it has been in a special operating state for the Olympics since 1 August. To meet the requirements of individual sport events, the Beijing Olympic Meteorological Service Centre provides a full range of meteorological service products for various sports events, large-scale public activities, city operations and public travel.

    2008-08-06 16:06:53

  • Yu Xinwen:
    For the sport events during the Olympic Games in 2008, it will focus on the highly refined weather forecasts oriented to the Beijing Olympics at and around venues, short-time nowcasting of any breaking weather events, as well as warnings of potential meteorological disasters. Regarding to both opening and closing ceremonies including other massive activities, every effort shall be made to provide meteorological services for Olympic Games-oriented decision-making, and to provide, in a timely manner, the Olympic Game Organizers, the Government and various agencies with meteorological monitoring, forecasting and warning services related to major Olympic events. Emergency meteorological service will be made available for city operations in general, and for any breaking events in particular. Conventional meteorological products, specific "personalized" forecast products like pollen concentration, UV index and air quality, etc., are rendered to the public, tourists and athletes.

    2008-08-06 16:08:47

  • Yu Xinwen:

    2. International Cooperation on Weather Forecast for Olympic Games

    In accordance with international practices, including the principles of equality and mutual benefit, sharing joint research findings, and protection of intellectual properties, CMA has conducted various cooperation and exchanges with many other countries at different levels in order to improve its forecasting skills, and to provide better quality meteorological services.

    2008-08-06 16:10:05

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Seeking broad cooperation with an open mind. The first move was to enhance cooperative research internationally. Starting from 2001, meteorological establishments within CMA framework have launched a series of initiatives with its international counterparts: a MOU with the U.S University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), focusing on nowcasting and meso-scale NWP techniques; reached a MOU with Canada on cooperation in the meteorological science and technology, which identified the Olympics-oriented nowcasting demonstration-related techniques as a joint project; and a MOU with the Australian Meteorological Research Center on cooperation in demonstration of nowcasting techniques and assessment of social benefits of the meteorological services for Olympic Games.

    2008-08-06 16:11:39

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Making up deficiencies by learning the successful experience from others. It is the first time for China to host the Olympic Games, therefore we have no experience in providing Olympic meteorological service at all. There is no doubt that successful experiences in the previous Olympic Games will be a valuable wealth of knowledge for us. In 2002-2003, CMA delegations visited the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia and the National Meteorological Service of Greece respectively, investigating their preparations for Olympic meteorological services both in Sydney and Athens.

    2008-08-06 16:12:14

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Later on, Ms. Spark, chief officer for meteorological services for Sydney Olympic Games was invited to give lectures at CMA on a whole series of topics. In 2004-2007, CMA sent 4 groups of meteorologists and managers to receive training in Australia, Canada, France and United States, etc, systematically learning about their operational meteorological services and modernization processes in these countries, in order to improve the skills and capabilities in providing Olympic meteorological services in China. In August 2004, four Chinese forecasters from the co-host cities were sent to view the meteorological services for the Athens Olympic Games, along with a delegation of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the 29th Olympiad (BOCOG) during the whole period, which helped accumulate the experiences in supporting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

    2008-08-06 16:14:00

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Seeking every cooperative opportunity to enhance service capacity. As Olympic Games are eyeful in the world for its wide variety of sport events, there is an increasing demand for better meteorological services, and meteorological support to it has been attached with greater importance not only by the host country but also by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). For this Olympic Games, CMA has organized the implementation of the WMO Forecast Demonstration Programme for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 (WMO/WWRP B08FDP). As B08FDP mainly addresses the short-time convective weather nowcasting techniques, 8 forecasting systems from China, Australia, Canada, U.S, and Hong Kong China will participate in the summer weather forecasting demonstrations in 2008, their products will be used for producing short-time nowcasts and warnings for the Olympic venues.

    2008-08-06 16:15:02

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Additionally, 8 ensemble forecasting systems form China, US, UK, Canada, Japan, Austria and France will participate in the 3rd testing activities under B08RDP project, and these products will be also used for reference in providing the Olympic meteorological services. Through such cooperation, China's capability in making short-time nowcasts has substantially improved, thus giving a strong impetus to the development of nowcasting and meso-scale ensemble forecasting systems in China, enabling China to provide higher quality meteorological services for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

    2008-08-06 16:16:50

  • Yu Xinwen:
    The project will also offer useful experience in providing meteorological services for the major activities and sport events after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It will greatly promote the development of short-time weather nowcasting system in other developing countries as well. During the Olympic Games, ..13 forecasting experts from United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong China will be officially engaged in FDP forecasts as part of the Olympic weather services, while two Russian experts will take part in the cloud suppression and rain reduction team.

    2008-08-06 16:18:40

  • Yu Xinwen :
    A special column for presenting forecast products of the International Weather Forecast Demonstration Programme (WMO WWRP B08FDP) is opened in the Olympic Meteorological Services website, through which 0-6 hour short-time nowcasting products are disseminated on a trial basis, including precipitation, thunderstorms & lightning, hail, high wind forecasts, etc., and users' evaluations can be fed back. Please kindly visit the website.

    2008-08-06 16:19:45

  • Zhu Shouchen:
    Now we will move on to the question and answer session. Please first identify yourselves before you ask questions in order to allow more journalists to ask questions we ask that each journalist just ask one question.

    2008-08-06 16:21:51

  • CCTV:
    We know that on August 7 the capital airport will be the busiest of all the year. I want to know the weather forecast for the day of August 7. Will the weather conditions on that day affect the landing conditions on that day and I also want to know whether there will be some extreme weather conditions on the following week.

    2008-08-06 16:22:10

  • Qiao Lin:
    We all know that the biggest impact on the taking off and landing of airplanes are the current weather conditions and you ask about the weather conditions and forecast for August 7 which is the busiest day for the airport, looking at the data we have now we know that day will be cloudy and sometimes will be overcast. According to the data we have now there will not be some bad weather conditions that will impact the taking off and landing of airplanes. According to our forecast there will be no extreme weather conditions in the coming week in Beijing. And just now Ms. Wang Jianjie reminded on August 9th and 10th there might be some periods of medium rains in Beijing. But those period s of rain cannot be called extreme weather conditions anyway. Thank you.

    2008-08-06 16:23:24

  • NBC :
    We heard that there will be 30,000 people mobilized to stop it from raining on Friday. And what can you do? What can you do to stop the rain on Friday?

    2008-08-06 16:25:42

  • Yu Xinwen :
    So do you refer to August 8? Just now I already said in my briefing that the weather conditions on August 8 will be suitable for the open ceremony of the Games, but what shall we do if there may be any rain on that day? I have already said we have strengthened forecasting for the meteorology on Olympic Games. As we know some weather conditions are systematic. Some move from west to east in a systematic way but some weather conditions are local. We have an ancient saying in China to the effect that "Many weather conditions are very much unexpected." That is very true. If it rains during the August 8 open ceremony, we will have the available technology and means to monitor all those rain conditions and unexpected weather conditions. We will at that time be able to inform the athletes, performs and others who are participating in the opening ceremony.

    2008-08-06 16:27:01

  • Reporter:
    Can you explain for listeners who might not know how high temperatures and high humidity affect the air quality index and how high humidity and high temp affect people's health?

    2008-08-06 16:29:02

  • Chen Zhenlin:
    We all know that the weather is very sultry in these days in Beijing. The highest temperature is about 30 – 35 degrees and also the humidity is very high. According to our data from yesterday evening to this morning the humidity is above 70 % at the Olympic Park. So generally, there is some light fog. We use such indexes as the relative humidity and visibility. Why we feel so sultry in these two days? Because of the steady weather conditions, the air seems to move very little. And also in our daily operations we also work closely with the environment agencies to make forecasts for air quality from the perspective of meteorological conditions. I think Ms. Wang from the Beijing Meteorological Bureau can answer more. Ms. Wang please.

    2008-08-06 16:31:18

  • Wang Jianjie :
    Ok. Just now Mr. Chen already talked about the weather conditions in these two days. He said that this is very hot and relative humidity in these two days in Beijing and people may not feel so comfortable in these two days, but the fact is that humidity and hot temperature may not have a direct correlation with air quality. But what does air quality mean? It means how many particles are contained in the air and when we talk about the air quality we also talk about the movement of air. When there is little movement of the air, there is also little movement of pollutants, but that does not mean when the humidity is very high we will always have bad air quality.

    2008-08-06 16:34:32

  • Reporter:
    I have a question about weather modification, to be more specific on cloud separation and rain reduction. I want to know until today did you operate any rain reduction or cloud separation and also I want to know will you modify the weather to reduce the rain in the run up to the opening ceremony since today?

    2008-08-06 16:35:30

  • Yu Xinwen:
    You have asked a question that everyone is interested in. I have 3 points to make: first artificial rain or rain reduction and cloud separation are difficult subjects in the world. Now it is still in the stage of research. I just now said that we have already provided the overall meteorological service for the Olympic Games and in our preparation work we have done some experiment on rain reduction. Will we try that in the run up to the Olympic Games that will be determined on weather condition and the need of sporting events.

    2008-08-06 16:35:55

  • China Radio International:
    I have a question about meteorological services for venues. To be more specific, how do you supply the meteorological services for different events, e.g. athletic venues and aquatic events? My second question is that could you give us specific plans as to how to deal with extreme weathers if they occur?

    2008-08-06 16:37:26

  • Chen Zhenlin:

    Yes, this is indeed a great challenge because different sporting events have quite different needs in terms of meteorological information. Those water events including sailing, regatta, canoeing -- all have different needs in terms of meteorological information. And in response to the different needs of different sporting events, the Beijing Meteorological Services Center has provided 3 hourly 0-72 hour forecast updates for 47 venues including the competition and non- competition venues and that is the general rule for our meteorological information.

    And also to meet the specific needs of those specific sporting events, we provide hourly updates. Normally we just cover some common weather elements in our normal forecasts but for the specific sport events we will have to provide more detailed info as to water temperature, wind speed, wind direction and the elements related to the sea level. These are all required by specific sporting events including the water sporting events.

    2008-08-06 16:40:07

  • Chen Zhenlin:

    Your second question is about our plan to respond to extreme weathers. We actually have formed detailed plans to respond to those extreme weather conditions. We have four steps of work to do to respond to extreme weather events. First we will ensure forecasting closely follow weather to provide real time updates to any weather changes; the second, we will closely monitor using moderate to high resolution monitoring systems to provide forecasting for unexpected weathers on basis of data provided by radar, satellites and automated weather systems.

    2008-08-06 16:41:19

  • Chen Zhenlin:
    Also in response to the weather in these two days in Beijing we have worked especially hard in monitoring in order to find the problems as soon as possible. And the third aspect of our work is to use all kinds of means to provide timely and prompt information about forecasting and monitoring to all users. The fourth aspect of work is to work closely with related department -- the meteorological departments have been working closely with transportation, water, electric, environmental and aviation departments. And we have developed very good plans in case of torrential rains or any other high-impact conditions we will issue high early warnings and have developed contingency plans to address those extreme weather conditions.

    2008-08-06 16:43:03

  • Information Daily:
    I have a question for Mr. Yu. Just now you said that you will have weather forecasts of 24 hours for some individual sporting events. I want to know what those sport events that enjoy 24 weather forecasts are. My second question is also about weather modification and rain reduction. It seems that you are likely to take some measures to use technology for rain reduction during the Olympic Games. I want to know what technology you have now and to what extent you have grasped and mastered those technologies and in what conditions you will use those technologies for weather conditioning?

    2008-08-06 16:45:52

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Probably this is our second meeting? I hope I will meet you for the third time after the Games. I will address your questions one-by-one. We do provide 24 hour forecasts for some individual sport events according to their specific requirements, for example for the water related events including the sailing events. Actually the forecasting time scale probably may be one hour. Sometimes it may be short to see minutes. Just now I said we will strengthen our forecast and monitoring. It will provide important data for us to work on. For example we will use the data from the monitoring and forecast and will provide those kinds of data to athletes of beach volleyball shooting events and some athletic events in this way. Those athletes will be able to manage their competition in an informed manner.

    2008-08-06 16:46:44

  • Yu Xinwen:
    Weather reduction technologies are still at a stage of experiment. We can say that we have already mastered the available technologies in the world. And we have also invited experts from Russia to give guidance on this aspect. To do a good job in this aspect, we need both exploration and we need time. Our purpose is to bring benefit to the people and also to ensure the safe and security for the Olympic Games. Thank you.

    2008-08-06 16:47:38

  • China Daily:
    According to the data you have provided we want to know will the weather conditions continue to go that way, that is to keep the hot and humid weather conditions in the coming 20 days and also you said that there will be some showers probably on Aug. 9 and 10, do you see any improvements after Aug. 10?

    2008-08-06 16:48:30

  • Wang Jianjie:
    It is quite a period of time since the Olympic Games will last some 17 days, and there are a lot of uncertainties involved in long time forecasting. But I can tell you something about the weather forecast for the coming week. Just now Mr Qiao Lin said that on Aug 7 we will have a cloudy day and on Aug 8 the weather conditions will be very suitable for the opening ceremony with possible showers in the afternoon. We also expect moderate rains on Aug 9 and 10 which will help to ease the sultry weather. After that there may be some sunny days. According to China’s lunar calendar August 7 marks the beginning of autumn this year, which means that weather in Beijing may not be that hot after August 7.

    2008-08-06 16:51:50

  • Qilu Evening Newspaper:

    I have two questions. You said that your weather forecast today is the latest info you have for us for the day of Aug. 8. I want to know what the end time point for this weather forecast is and also you say there may be some adjustment to this weather forecast in the run-up to Aug 8. Is there any possibility you will adjust that forecast for Aug.8, the day for the Games' opening ceremony, and what will be the latest forecast for Aug. 8 probably?

    2008-08-06 16:52:54

  • Wang Jianjie:
    The latest update we just gave you covered the timeframe until 14:00 this afternoon. Your second question, as to the updated weather forecasts regarding the opening ceremonies, we will continue to do it well into the opening ceremony on Aug. 8. We also have improved support of nowcasting for every 2 hours and 6 hours. What is the endpoint of all the weather forecasts? Actually there is no end to all of our updating weather forecasting.

    2008-08-06 16:54:48

  • Hong Kong Cable TV:
    Just now you said that according to the needs of the specific sport events you will make a decision as to whether you will need artificial rain reduction. I want to know: What is your latest assessment of the situation? Is there any need for you to engage in weather modification on the opening ceremony?

    2008-08-06 16:56:34

  • Yu Xinwen:

    Now we don't know because we will depend on the evidence and data provided by the satellite systems in order to give coordinated demand and direction, and nowcasting would be important procedure for us to follow up on, and we will follow the latest nowcasting and important data in order to make a prediction. With a strong support of Beijing municipal government now we are fully ready to get this down.

    I think you are all very concerned about the result of weather modification. I can tell you that it would be very effective in the case of ten millimeter rain but when we encounter the extreme weather conditions it would be very difficult for us to achieve the results.

    2008-08-06 16:56:53

  • Chinese Biz News, US:
    We can see that the air quality in these few days is not that good and the air is not very clear. I want to know that do you have any means to ensure clean air during the Games in order to enable the athletes to perform better. And also it seems there is a lot of smog in the air in recent days and probably this is the result of air pollution, so could you please give us some comments on that?

    2008-08-06 16:59:12

  • Yu Xinwen :

    I think to address your question I want to quote Mr. Guo Hu, the director of the observatory of Beijing meteorology bureau. He is participating in the torch relay this afternoon, so he is not present here.

    I want to quote him by saying that "The people should work hard and also we will have to have the benefit of good weather conditions." We just now forecasted some rain on August 9 and we believe that following these weather changes there will be some changes in air conditions and we believe that during the Games we will have the benefits of the changing air conditions and the air quality will be good.

    2008-08-06 17:01:54

  • Zhu Shouchen:
    Thank you for coming. This is the end of today's conference and later today we will have a press meeting with the Qingdao Beer Group and that is a special meeting for the journalists and you are welcome to participate in this meeting, thank you very much.

    2008-08-06 17:02:40


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