9.0 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Japan
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Royal couple visits evacuees

Two months after Japan's quake and tsunami catastrophe sparked a nuclear disaster, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited evacuees from the radiation zone on Wednesday.
Nuke plant cooling system halted after 90-min test
A water recycling system crucial to progress at Japan's damaged nuclear power plant was halted for repairs on Monday after briefly resuming full operation.
Japan approves 158 bln USD budget for post-quake reconstruction
Japan bans Fukushima cattle shipments
Japan's Kansai Electric to shut down reactor
Japan's newly-appointed reconstruction minister to quit
2 nuclear reactors in SW Japan to restart
M6.7 quake strikes Japan's northeastern Honshu
TEPCO to fully process radioactive water, Japanese gov't OKs compensation scheme
High radiation detected at troubled Fukushima plant
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More leaks at Fukushima found: TEPCO
More leaks at Fukushima found: TEPCO
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Fuel on its way from China to help quake-hit Japan
China readies fuel shipment to assist Japan
China-made pump being shipped to Japan
ROK to offer water, blankets to quake-devastated Japan
Myanmar offers cash assistance to Japanese victims
World continues to extend aid to quake-hit Japan
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Tokyo Disneyland reopens after earthquake
Shipment of Fukushima milk halted
Cherry blossom viewing kicks off in Tokyo
Schools re-open in Japan's quake zone
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Japan quake reaches China's economy
Food to prevent nuclear radiation
The nuclear world
What do quake magnitudes mean?
What is earthquake?
How to protect yourself?
What causes earthquakes?
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Japan can't dump waste in its neighbors' yards
Powering up for the future
Japan's crisis causes China to assess readiness
Tsunami triggered nuclear crisis? German radiobiologist has nagging doubts
Command change just a name game
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