Western China International Fair opens in Chengdu

A total of 90 countries and regions sent delegations to participate in the 17th Western China International Fair (WCIF) that opened in the southwestern city of Chengdu Thursday.

China, Singapore set priorities for future cooperation

China and Singapore on Thursday set priorities for future cooperation and agreed to promote cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.


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Chinese firms aim for shared benefits in Turkey

News | BRI provides useful reference for world peace
Feature | Belt and Road Initiative increasingly popular in Turkey

ICBC Turkey to step up support for Belt and Road projects


Belt and Road Big Data Report 2018 released

News | Lianyungang Forum promotes int'l law enforcement cooperation

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Looking at the CPEC with renewed optimism

As the new Pakistan government begins its tenure, there has been some talk and also some irresponsible reports in Western media of a change in attitude towards the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and possible re-negotiation of the terms and conditions.

Time to bridge Africa's infrastructure gap

Africa is a land of vast resources, but owing to a history of colonization and exploitation, it has not been able to transform this natural abundance into wealth for its citizens.

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