GMAC facilitates B&R students to study in China

For students from the Belt and Road countries who are interested in studying in China, attending their dream business school may not be that far away thanks to an initiative launched by GMAC.

Heilongjiang shares opportunities with the world

Heilongjiang province, the place where the sun rises earliest in China and one of the original areas of New China's industrial development, is embracing a much brighter future focused on innovation and economic reform.


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Heilongjiang shares opportunities with the world

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News | GMAC facilitates B&R students to study in China

Chinese buyers place massive orders at CIIE

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Tales of Chinese enterprises along the Belt and Road

Feature | Chinese think tank evaluates India's eco-friendly endeavor

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How will China's pledge to import much more be achieved?

During the opening ceremony of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai on Nov. 5, China announced its import of goods and services are expected to exceed US$30 trillion and US$10 trillion respectively in the coming 15 years.

CIIE: New chapter for India-China trade

The world's first import-themed expo, the CIIE is going to be a path-breaking event in the process of China's opening-up which not only represents China's sincere strategy to further open its market to the world, but also reflects the win-win spirit of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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