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West China provinces seek to establish FTZ

By Mi Xingang
Print E-mail, January 14, 2014
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Several provinces and autonomous regions in west China have recently proposed to set up Free Trade Zones (FTZ), according to the draftsman team of “Northwest China Blue Book” on January 6.

According to the blue book, the all-round opening-up economic system has gradually been taking shape across China, and the international cooperation platform led by Guangxi, Jilin, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Yunnan have become more influential over the past years. All the above-mentioned provinces and autonomous regions treat establishing FTZs as an important task in the opening-up cause.

The strategic concept of creating a “Silk Road Economic Belt” is a great opportunity to promote development in west China regions, the blue book draftsman team said. The policy support, infrastructure construction and the sustainable exploitation of energy resources will all bring about development spaces in the opening-up process and revitalization of the Silk Road, the team said.