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WCIF Exhibition Hall - Session 1

Print E-mail, August 19, 2014
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The 15th Western China International Fair will consist of two sessions: the first will run from October 23 to 26, and the second will run from October 30 to November 3. The main venue of the 15th WCIF has a total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, including the Western Cooperation Hall, the International Cooperation Hall and the High-End Equipment Manufacturing Hall -- open during the first session -- as well as the Agricultural Industry Hall and Jewelry Hall, which will be open during the second session.

The First Session:

The first session of the 15th WCIF has a total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters, including the Western Cooperation Hall, International Cooperation Hall, High-end Equipment Manufacturing Hall, Electronic Information Hall, Emergency Industry Hall and some outdoor exhibitions. This session will focus on industries such as aerospace, electronic information, high-end manufacturing, emergency services, advanced materials and new energy.

>>> Western Cooperation Hall: exhibition halls No. 1 and 2

The two halls consist of exhibitions from 12 western provinces and cities, including Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, key government ministries, themed cities and prefectures, and central and eastern provinces and cities. Each exhibition presents the economic development, resource advantages and industrial strengths of a particular Chinese region. Businesses and investors will be welcomed during the exhibition.

>>> International Cooperation Hall: exhibition halls No. 3 and 4

Number 3 Hall hosts exhibitions by the guest of honor, developed counties and emerging economies, which will highlight each region's commodities, tourism and culture.

Number 4 Hall hosts exhibitions about transnational cooperation, Taiwan, modern service industries and international finance.

>>> High-End Equipment Manufacturing Hall: exhibition halls No. 5, 6 and 7

Number 5 Hall is named Aviation Hall and will focus on aircraft, airline operation, maintenance and training.

Numbers 6 and 7 Halls are both named Equipment Manufacturing Hall and will focus on industrial automation, power transmission, control technology, digital factories, components, high-end equipment manufacturing, green manufacturing, logistics equipment and technology.

>>> Electronic Information Hall: exhibition hall No. 8

This hall consists of exhibitions focusing on consumer electronics, panel display, communication technology, the internet of things and automotive electronics. The latest digital home theaters, smart TV's, wearable digital devices and automotive electronics and networks will be on display during the fair.

>>> Emergency Industry Hall: exhibition hall No. 9

This hall features exhibitions focused on emergency relief, fire rescue, emergency communications, command and dispatch, public security, alarm systems and security equipment.

>>> Outdoor exhibition

Outdoor exhibitions will include engineering machinery, aeronautics and astronautics, energy-saving building methods and materials and international cuisine.