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WCIF adopts 'professional visitor' pre-registration system

Print E-mail, August 21, 2014
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Registration for professional visitors to the 15th Western China International Fair has been opened to public. From now on, professional visitors to the Fair can pre-register on the event's official website to obtain the quickest services. Once their registration has been approved, visitors can a obtain a "professional visitor certificate," which allows them to access special services such as exhibition admission, trade matching, live negotiation and professional visitor express services. Registered professional visitors can also attend all the economic and trading exchanges at the Western China Procurement Conference. Other visitors can attend the fair by buying tickets.

First to know about the scope of registration

Professional visitors who have already registered to attend the fair include enterprises from the following fields: industrial manufacturing, machinery processing, agricultural and food processing, electronic information, general aviation, emergency industry, furniture and household goods manufacture and sale, and textile and garment industries.

Registration process

Log onto the official website of the Western China International Fair ( or, mobile phone users can log into or follow "Western China International Procurement Conference" on Wechat), click on the "registration of professional audiences"/"I'm going to the exhibition," and register for an ID number. With this ID number, one will be able to exchange a business card or staff ID card for a professional visitor certificate.

Invitation of purchasers in full swing

The work of inviting purchasers is now in full swing. A total of 1360 enterprises, distributors and agents from relevant industries have been invited to the Fair so far. The United Nations Procurement Department and several of its representative offices have confirmed attendance at the United Nations Procurement cum Docking Fair. The number of individual professional visitor passes available for pre-registration is limited to only 50,000, so hurry to register today!