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Czech airlines seek partners for Sichuan airline zone

Print E-mail, September 12, 2014
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Gao Ledi, chief representative of the Czech Trade Promotion Bureau in Chengdu. []

Czech airlines rose to sudden fame at the Western China International Fair (WCIF) in 2013, but what will the Czech Republic bring this time? In an interview with, Gao Ledi, chief representative of the Czech Trade Promotion Bureau in Chengdu, said he hopes that "through the WCIF platform, Czech airlines can find suitable partners to build an airline zone and to provide Chinese people with a place to enjoy flights." Czech aviation has long been world famous. After the strong interest in ultra-light aircraft at the 2013 WCIF, what kinds of exhibit will be displayed this time?

Gao: During the 2014 WCIF, we intend to display three light sport aircraft on a 500 square meters platform, along with engines, control systems, propellers and so on.

We are planning to recommend a safety scheme used in Czech airlines, involving products and services such as building general airports, heliports and relevant infrastructure, manufacturing airplanes, establishing air traffic control systems and pilot training schools, as well as operating and maintaining small airplanes. We hope this scheme will help build an airline zone in Chengdu, not only for manufacturing, but also to offer enjoyable flights. How will the three light sport aircrafts be sent to Chengdu?

Gao: The aircraft might be transported by ship this year rather than by air like last year. However, my job is only to recommend two ways of transportation to the airline companies, either by sea or over land, and they will decide which one to choose. Other than the aviation industry, will any other industries be showcased at the fair?

Gao: We also expect to introduce Czech high-grade crystal to Chengdu. In fact, Chinese enterprises and the government have already inquired about the Czech glass and crystal before, therefore we would like to introduce the Czech glass and crystal products during the 2014 WCIF.

Czech crystal is internationally renowned for its long history, high quality, handmade craftwork and exquisite and innovative design. Glassware made by manual cutting, sculpturing and painting is widely used, from champagne glasses to large chandeliers, and is known as the most famous export and the most popular tourist souvenir from the Czech Republic. There are a large number of crystal manufacturers, factories and training schools.

In the 2014 Western China International Fair, more than 10 Czech crystal corporations will display luxury glass and crystal products. And between 10 and 15 Czech glass and crystal companies will attend the matchmaking symposium at the ninth EU-China Partenariat. They have noticed the importance of Chengdu and Sichuan Province and the Western China International Fair provides them with an entrance to the western China market. Could you please give us some detailed information about the establishment of an airline zone, which you mentioned before?

Gao: Though there are many favorable aspects to building the airline zone in Chengdu, Czech companies still need to find good partners. The great potential of Sichuan have already increased their interest, so they are looking forward to cooperating with local companies, with the help of the WCIF. How will the Czech airlines work with the Chinese enterprises and are there any key projects located in Sichuan or West China? What is the status quo of Czech companies in Sichuan? Have they countered any bottlenecks?

Gao: Czech airlines have achieved great success over the last century and we are a leader in manufacturing general/light aircraft. Our companies are currently looking forward to long-term cooperation with Sichuan airlines.

We are still negotiating projects with the WCIF, so unfortunately I cannot talk about too many details. But I can tell you that since the last WCIF, our bureau has received several delegations from Sichuan, and we are attempting to carry forward communication and cooperation between the Czech airline companies and Chinese enterprises.

Generally speaking, we are optimistic about our cooperation due to the experience of Czech airlines and the great interest from Chinese companies. What are the prospects for general airlines in western China?

Gao: Rich experience is a prerequisite for a district, a city or a country to develop general or light aircraft. Since Sichuan has both a long history and plentiful experience in the airline industry, it will be easy for Czech airlines to find suitable partners there and put the scheme into practice.

We are looking forward to providing the Chinese people in Sichuan with comfortable fligthts, and the service will be available in places such as Zigong, Wenjiang, Guanghan and northern Sichuan.