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Dai Yiling: Boost Sichuan-EU cooperation and development

Print E-mail, October 22, 2014
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Dai Yiling, president of the EUPIC, received an interview from at the 15th Western China International Fair. 

The EU Project Innovation Center in Chengdu is the EU's first ever project innovation center in China. It serves as a comprehensive platform to promote trade, investment and technology cooperation between the EU and Western China, particularly Sichuan Province.

Dai Yiling, president of the EUPIC, received an interview from at the 15th Western China International Fair. During the WCIF last year, the light aircrafts exhibited in the EU pavilion attracted much attention. What's notable about the exhibition in the EU pavilion this year? Is there anything new and appealing? Dai Yiling: Actually, visitors will be able to see newly developed light aircraft again. In addition to that, we are going to exhibit some other high-tech and new products from developed countries. The design of the whole EU pavilion will embody the concept of “future.” We hope to create an environment for visitors to experience the exhibition rather than just look at it. Combining high technology and culture is also characteristic of this year's fair. This year, the WCIF will also host the 9th China-EU Investment, Trade & Technology Cooperation Fair, which is expected to build a platform for many enterprises in the EU and Sichuan to engage in exchange and cooperate with each other. How is the preparation work going so far? In what fields does the fair promote cooperation between western China and EU member states? Dai Yiling: We are now in the final stage of the preparation work. The 9th China-EU Investment, Trade & Technology Cooperation Fair invites European enterprises based on the needs of local enterprises in Sichuan to maximize the opportunities for cooperation in a wide range of areas, such as environmental protection, medical care, aerospace and modern agriculture. In cooperation between small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from western China and the EU, what is the role of the EU's SMEs? How can we make room for more cooperation? Dai Yiling: The EU has many SMEs, some of which boast the most cutting-edge technologies in Europe. Therefore, connecting their advanced technology to the vast market in China will achieve a win-win result. Domestic enterprises can co-build laboratories with their European counterparts to improve technology and boost local industry. Besides participating in the WCIF, what are some other things the EUPIC does to promote economic and trade cooperation between Sichuan and the EU? Dai Yiling: The WCIF offers us a plethora of opportunities to learn from and seek cooperation with each other. However, we also boost exchange between the two sides through other types of activities. For example, we organize trips for European companies to visit China and for Chinese companies to visit Europe. We also organize conferences to examine the needs of enterprises in Western China, and we release the information we get from these events on our website to allow European enterprises to better understand our needs. We have built a large website that can be accessed in 54 countries and on which is posted statistics for over 600 partners and one million enterprises. This data are available to enterprises seeking development opportunities. In your opinion, what is the role of the WCIF in promoting cooperation between western China and the EU? Dai Yiling: I think the WCIF is very important. It is never a simple forum or conference, but a large platform for investment, trade and technology cooperation. In fact, the WCIF is very influential in Europe, and that is why so many relevant European departments and enterprises come to participate in the WCIF every year.