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Agriculture expo opens at WCIF

Print E-mail, October 30, 2014
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Seed-free pomegranate exhibited at the 15th West China International Fair (WCIF). [File photo]

After one day's hiatus following the first phase of the 15th West China International Fair, events resumed Thursday with the Sichuan Agriculture Expo.

Agreements on a total of 67 projects worth 183.8 billion yuan (US$ 30 billion) will be signed at the expo, which has given 21 participating Chinese cities opportunities to pitch and promote 287 projects.

From seed-free pomegranates to juicy cherries, the Sichuan Agriculture Expo exhibited a wide range of organic and natural produce from 21 cities in Sichuan Province, which is famous for its agricultural industry.

The exhibition hall contains nine blocks of booths for organic products, tea, livestock and poultry products, traditional Chinese medicine, fruits and fungi, regional specialty products and modern agriculture.