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Taiwan Leader's 'Independence' Scheme Doomed to Fail
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Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian further exposed his "independence" scheme with his new secessionist remarks and showed an unscrupulous approach for his private interests, said political advisors and lawmakers in Beijing.


Chen's "independence" scheme will be opposed by Taiwan people and the international community and is doomed to fail, said Zhang Huajun, secretary-general of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League, a non-Communist party in the mainland.


At a gathering Sunday night, Chen talked about Taiwan's independence, name rectification, new constitution and development.


"It's not a surprise to us, as Taiwan authorities have put forward a series of dangerous moves recently, including a 'desinicizing' campaign," said Li Ganliu, who isĀ in BeijingĀ attending the annual session of China's top political advisory body.


Chen announced earlier in February that the authorities would remove the words "China" or "Chinese" from the island's government-run organizations and enterprises, and from certain laws and regulations.


"The facts have proved that Chen is a downright faithless politician," said Li, a member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang another non-Communist party on the mainland.


The undisguised secessionist remarks, turning a blind eye to the people's will and historical trend, were trumpeted to create strains in cross-Strait relations and intensify antagonism among different ethnic groups in the island, so that Chen can achieve his political goals in the coming elections, Li said.


Taiwan is to embrace the election of "Legislative Yuan" at the end of this year and Taiwan leader election in 2008, which are considered two important factors likely to influence the island's politics in the future.


Lin Shengzhong, a political advisor from the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, said Chen wanted to use the remarks to divert public attention from his corruption cases and incapability in governance and to win ballots for his pan-green base.


Chu Yu-lin, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) from Hong Kong, and Vong Fong Va, an NPC deputy from Macao, agreed that most Taiwan people will seek peace, stability and development, no matter what kind of secessionist attempts Chen resorts to.


Chen will only be discarded by the people and history if he tries to lead the island toward the dead end of "Taiwan Independence" just for his private gains, they said.


The Chinese people, facing the provocation by Taiwan secessionists, will never swing their determination to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, nor will they change the faith in promoting the peaceful and stable development of the cross-Strait relations, they said.


(Xinhua New Agency March 7, 2007)



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