PlayStop Lisa Ono, Jin Dong team up for 'Mr Right' theme song
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Lisa Ono, Jin Dong team up for 'Mr Right' theme song
Japnese-Brizilian singer Lisa Ono [Photo provided to China Daily]

Japanese-Brazilian singer Lisa Ono performs her trademark bossa nova in Mandarin alongside veteran Chinese actor Jin Dong in a theme song they recorded for a new TV drama.

Recorded by the duo in Beijing and Tokyo, the song Gladness features as the theme tune to the 40-episode romantic comedy series, Mr Right, now airing on Jiangsu Satellite TV and Dragon TV.

It's one of seven songs featured in the drama, which hit TV screens on Jan 12. The rom-com series is directed by Yao Xiaofeng and stars actress Jiang Shuying alongside Jin.

Since she made her debut performance in China in 2009, Ono has become one of the most popular Japanese singers among Chinese audiences.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ono was influenced by her father, who ran a live music club when the family lived in Brazil. When the family moved to Japan in 1972, her father opened one of Tokyo's first Brazilian-themed clubs and brought over Brazilian musicians to play with local artists. Ono began singing and playing the guitar at age 15 at her father's club. So far, she has about 30 album recordings under her belt.

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