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April 29, 2022
China revs up infrastructure investment to spur growth
​Investment, a traditional key driver of China's economic growth, is unleashing new energy as the central authorities have made fresh arrangements to modernize the country's infrastructure for sustained growth.
April 17, 2022
Yiwu keeps up with changes to create trade boom
Yiwu, China's small commodity hub, is widely known as the world's supermarket. This practice has become commonplace for those working in foreign trade since the outbreak of COVID-19.
April 12, 2022
Shanghai going all out to ensure productivity amid epidemic
How does Shanghai, a global financial center and the world's largest trading port city with a complete industrial chain of integrated circuits and automobiles, stabilize its productivity when faced with a fierce resurgence of COVID-19?
April 8, 2022
China seeks to shield service-sector firms from pandemic shock
​While enterprises in the service sector are grappling with domestic resurgences of COVID-19, China has rolled out a host of measures to keep their businesses afloat, in an effort to stabilize employment and the economy.
April 2, 2022
Adding smart wings to agriculture
The application of information and communication technologies 
is heralding a new era in rural development.
April 2, 2022
China-EU economic cooperation shows strong resilience, vitality
Despite a weak global recovery hobbled by the protracted pandemic, economic cooperation between China and the European Union (EU) has demonstrated strong resilience and vitality with deepening connections in various fields.
April 1, 2022
Global consumers financially squeezed as Ukraine crisis continues
​The Russia-Ukraine conflict has sent commodity prices through the roof over the past month, forcing global consumers to pay more for various goods from energy to food.
March 26, 2022
Top 10 highlights of China's economy in 2022
Based on policies stipulated in the tone-setting Central Economic Work Conference and the 14th Five-year Plan, global accounting and consulting firm EY recently analyzed the top 10 highlights and potential opportunities of China's economy in 2022.
March 23, 2022
Foreign firms confident in Chinese market despite COVID-19
Though facing a new round of COVID-19 flare-ups and uncertainties in the global economic recovery, foreign enterprises have confidence in the Chinese market thanks to a slew of resolute, precise and comprehensive anti-epidemic measures.
March 27, 2022
How people-centered philosophy navigates China's high-quality growth, common development
The (economic) thought, which creatively combines the aspiration of human beings for a better life with the practice of people-oriented development, is of global influence.
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