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March 17, 2022
Western regions to gain computing power
China is taking steps to channel more computing resources from its eastern regions to its less developed yet resource-rich western regions.
March 10, 2022
​SW China's Guizhou deepens reform to pursue high-quality development
Over the past decade, southwest China's Guizhou province has experienced rapid growth, explored a new development path and get off to a good start in the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).
March 4, 2022
Key figures: Progress in China's industry, information sector
In 2021, China's industrial economy and information sector saw sustained recovery and development, and the outlook is positive. Here are some key figures.
March 1, 2022
Ukraine crisis could shake up US economy even further
The Ukraine crisis could spark a ripple effect in economies worldwide, further drive up U.S. inflation and cause market turbulence, according to economists.
February 22, 2022
Innovation initiative boosts local economies, enterprises
​Innovation China, a major initiative designed to integrate science and technology with the economy, is driving strong growth of local economies and enterprises.
February 22, 2022
New commercial ventures embark on a path of powerful growth
As domestic demand continues to upgrade, new business modes integrating sales, cultural activities and tourism both online and offline prevail, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
February 14, 2022
Olympic fervor invigorates China's consumer, capital market
The unparalleled passion ignited by the ongoing Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has spurred China's consumer and capital markets in the starting days of the Year of the Tiger.
February 11, 2022
Sports market booms on Games
Both skiers and the snow and ice sports industry in China are coasting on the interest generated by the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, with sales of related products and services set to reach significant proportions this year.
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