China Academy of Translation

China Academy of Translation, July 24, 2015

Cai Mingzhao (R), then Minister of the State Council Information Office, and Zhou Mingwei, President of CIPG, inaugurated the academy in July 2014.

The China Academy of Translation, established in Beijing in July 2014, is China's institution for the research and development of translation and cross-cultural communication. It is affiliated with China International Publishing Group (CIPG), China's leading international publisher and an organization with over 60 years of publishing experience.

The academy aims to facilitate cross-cultural understanding between China and the rest of the world by conducting research on translation and cross-cultural communication with a focus on translating works on Chinese culture into other languages, organizing national-level translation projects, promoting international exchange and providing educational opportunities for translators of the Chinese language both in China and abroad.

In addition to being led by a board composed of renowned translators, researchers and educators from China and throughout the world, the academy works closely with the Translators Association of China and several international organizations to involve distinguished scholars and specialists in the fields of translation and cross-cultural communication in the academy's research projects and programs.

One of the academy's preliminary projects is "China Keywords," a multilingual platform that offers expert interpretation of the latest key concepts in Chinese governance and society, provides translations of a selection of important Party and government documents for interested foreign readers and reports on the translation industry in China.