Party's positive pragmatism
Recently concluded congress signaled China will push forward reform and play a responsible role in world affairs.
Change brings renewed hope for Sino-US ties
The transitions in both China and the U.S. could result in a shift in foreign policy; at a minimum, the presidents' ears will be receiving policy advice in new tones.
Strong leadership necessary to avoid 'middle income' trap
With China's economic and political development at a crossroads, firm guidance from the country's leaders is essential to stability.
Hu Jintao and the Scientific Outlook on Socialist Development
Further development of socialism with Chinese characteristics will require more advanced participation of the working classes.
Hu's legacy: Social governance
What Hu spoke about is to show to the world that the Chinese people and the country's leadership have the genius to create a new growth model and ensure that development is based on improved quality of economic development and social governance.
Opportunity knocks for partnership
For the first time since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, a presidential election in the United States and a leadership transition in China took place within days of one another.
No resting on our laurels
New leadership has pledged its commitment to unwaveringly pursuing quality growth and common prosperity。
Entrusted with a mission
It is highly anticipated that through collective and concerted efforts, this new and younger generation of top CPC leadership will carry forward the lofty mission entrusted with them of bringing a brighter future to China and to the world.
Partnership and friendship with China's neighbors
The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China recommends continued partnership and friendship with neighboring countries.
Beijing to become more 'involved' on world stage
China will adopt a more proactive policy to engage in international affairs and be a responsible nation that promotes peace and stability by enhancing cooperation and bringing benefits to its neighbors and other nations.
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