Press conference: Pursuing green development
A press conference was held Monday afternoon to introduce works on pursuing green development and building a beautiful China.
Confident Xi begins second term with ambitious promises for 'new era'
A dark suit, red tie and familiar air of confidence. Xi Jinping's first public appearance in his second term as helmsman of the world's largest political party brought back memories from five years ago when he first took over the leadership of the Party.

8 transformation factors for Belt and Road

By Thorsten Jelinek

Today's lack of global governance has resulted in the absence of international development plans that are comparable to the scope and vision of the BRI.

China's new challenges a success of Xi's policies

By George N. Tzogopoulos

The 19th CPC National Congress was an historic event, setting the agenda for many years to come both at home and abroad.

CPC congress establishes historical position of Xi's thought: resolution