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Relaxing China's one-child policy now offers little help in bolstering its demographic dividend, said Cai Fang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
The realization of the Chinese Dream presents a vision for national revival and contributes to a new global landscape, said foreign experts at a dialogue Saturday in Shanghai.
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·Seminar on Chinese Dream convenes in Shanghai
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Conference Theme: World Dialogue on the Chinese Dream
Date: December 7-8, 2013
Venue: Xijiao State Guest Hotel
Opening Ceremony & Plenary Meeting
Parallel Roundtables
Sponsor: The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China
Co-organizers: China International Publishing Group, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
China.org.cn Exclusives
Academic on how to manage China
Kenneth Lieberthal has stated China is "facing big challenges when trying to realize its Chinese Dream" during the International Dialogue on the Chinese Dream Saturday in Shanghai.
Seminar on Chinese Dream: a dream shared by the world
The International Dialogue on the Chinese Dream concluded in Shanghai on Dec. 8, 2013. The two-day event offered a diverse range of views on how the Chinese dream will shape China’s future and how it relates to the world.
Keynote Speeches
The Chinese Dream proposed by President Xi has closely linked the CPC's policies and practices with the basic interests of the Chinese people.
For centuries China had been the centre of human civilisation, and yet almost always defensive and inward looking.
The Chinese Dream has stirred hopes and high expectations on the one hand and has provoked questions and wonder on the other.
These are the three phases toward realizing the Chinese Dream of a great people, a great country and a great nation.
Parallel Roundtables
Chinese Dream and Chinese Path Chinese Dream and World Prosperity Chinese Dream and Peaceful Development
'The Chinese Dream and Peaceful Development' roundtable

Experts attend seminar on Chinese Dream

Seminar on Chinese Dream convenes in Shanghai

Mei Le: Artist's greatest work is his life

China's lunar explorations

China's lunar explorations

Chinese icebreaker Xuelong enters area of Prydz Bay, Antarctica
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