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Chinese Dream and World Prosperity
·The "Chinese Dream" in Mass Media ·Sharing the Chinese Dream
·Hope is all we need ·Some common and sustainable endeavours between the Chinese Dream and Innovative thinking through translation training
·On the translational potential of languages: A task for the Chinese Dream? ·The Chinese Dream and conditions for successful communication with the world
·Interpretation of the Chinese Dream in light of Chinese philosophy ·The Chinese Dream and the new human civilization
·Upholding the Chinese spirit while realizing the Chinese Dream ·Can the Chinese Dream be shared by the whole world?
·Chinese civilization and the spirit of harmony: The Chinese Dream and the world ·The path of building a great power and its impact on the world
·Self-discipline, tolerance and mutual respect -- toward the Chinese Dream ·My Chinese Dream
·Chinese Dream connects with the world dream ·Sharing with the world: An interpretation of the Chinese Dream
·The renaissance of Chinese culture amid the diversity of world cultures ·Building up a cultural values chain for the great Chinese Dream
·The Chinese Dream and the Neo-Sinology ·The Inclusive Dream of the Chinese Culture - Reflection upon a Cultural Philosophy
·The Chinese Dream in global cross-cultural perspective ·Can 'Chinese Dream' develop out of a clearly defined set of 'Chinese Values?'
·The Chinese Dream and its global impact ·The Chinese dream is an excellent opportunity for improving and strengthening international communication
·The Chinese Dream - A dream that can be shared with the world ·Practical applications of the Chinese Dream
·Chinese Dream a civilizational perspective ·Interpretation of the Chinese Dream in light of Chinese philosophy
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