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Dalai clique planning suicide attacks
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Soon thereafter, organizations including the "Tibetan Youth Congress" held a launch ceremony for the "Peaceful March to Tibet".

-- Since March 10, there have been violent attacks on 18 overseas diplomatic missions of China by "Tibet Independence" separatists and those with international "Tibet support" organizations.

-- On March 10, a group of monks from the Zhaibung and Sera monasteries in Lhasa rushed out of their temples or rallied on the square, waving flags and shouting slogans for "Tibet Independence".

-- On March 14, criminal violence took place in Lhasa that left 18 innocent civilians dead.

Those activities have been exactly part of the "Uprising Day" plan plotted by the "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement" and were carried out exactly in line with the plan set by the movement, the spokesman said.

He said that the Dalai clique had recently planned and organized activities around the world to support "Tibet Independence", such as "Support Tibet" and "Global Action Day".

"Their next plan is to organize suicide squads to launch violent attacks, according to our investigation," Wu said, "They even claimed that they fear neither bloodshed nor sacrifice."

The Dalai Lama has continued claiming that he was expressing opinions in a peaceful way, Wu said. Facts, however, showed that his "middle way" policy and "peaceful demonstrations" were "naked lies".

Wu hoped people worldwide would remain vigilant against the activities organized by the Dalai clique and the "Tibet Independence" separatists.

"We firmly believe that lies can never cover truth, and that facts will eventually expose the true intention of the Dalai clique to split the country," he said.

The spokesman said that a Dalai-clique-related suspect seized by police in Lhasa has admitted he had helped to establish a tight underground intelligence network in Tibet with 12 new members to conduct secessionist activities.

The agents used code words to contact each other, such as calling the Dalai Lama "Uncle" and the Tibetan flag a "skirt", with clergy smuggled into Tibet being called "guests", according to Wu.

The suspect transmitted information 36 times to an official of the clique via the Internet from March 2007 to March 2008. This information included domestic clerics' rejection of criticism of the Dalai Lama and others.

The suspect also received information from the Dalai clique, produced disks and distributed these in Tibet, said the spokesman.

The ministry revealed that the suspect and his intelligence network also spread propaganda supporting the Dalai clique and disputing China's religious policies in Tibetan monasteries.

(Xinhua News Agency April 1, 2008)
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