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China to further address income disparities
Wen wants to discuss with critics face to face
Wen urges to further promote social justice
Lawmaker suggests building road to link Yunnan, Tibet
Joint efforts needed to deepen public hospital reform
Chinese lawmakers call for more efforts in poverty alleviation
University president cares for Chinese teenager fitness
Political advisor urges harness on luxury, extravagance
Political advisors call for support for barefoot doctors
Blind campaigner opens eyes to discrimination

Law amendment to protect human rights
Draft amendment to senior citizen law finished
'Control number of mainland births in HK'
More spending in people's livelihood
China to further reform medical, health care services
China aims to increase 12 million low-income housing
Old-age pension scheme to cover all residents
China to make plan to narrow income gap
Farmers' rights to land not to be violated by anyone
China vows to create 9 mln new jobs in 2012

NPC: Law amendment to balance human rights protection
Accessible funeral services to cover all low-income groups
China aims to protect detainees' rights
China to expand migrant workers's medicare
Parents look to sessions for more kindergartens
China clarifies residence rules to smooth urbanization
China to raise health insurance subsidies
China orders court hearings for parole cases
China clarifies residence rules to smooth urbanization
Overseas talents wooed to improve social management

China to guarantee migrants access to public services
SW China post-quake rebuilding complete